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Mikey Graham

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Mikey Graham Lyrics

"Think About You" lyrics

Written by Mikey Graham, Howard New 

Found myself just yesterday
starring at the sky
and all the thoughts came rushing back to me
and all the reasons why
and it never struck me all this time
that I really need to know

Do you ever think about me
Do you still hurt inside the way that I do
Do you ever lie awake and think about me baby
Like I think about you
Think about you

I found an old photograph I¡Їve taken of you
On the day you stole my heart away
And it reminded me of all we¡Їve been through
And just how lonely I feel today

But it¡Їs only now I realise
That I really need to know

Do you ever think about me¡­..

And I¡Їd like to thank you for showing me the joy true love can bring
And I¡Їd like to let you know that
No one else could make me feel the same
But what I need to know is

Do you ever think about me baby¡­

Repeat until fade......... 

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