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Mikey Graham

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Mikey Graham Lyrics

"Something About You" lyrics

Please forgive me for I know not what I do
I was never meant to fall in love with you
Sometimes things aren't quite how we plan
I guess I'll never understand
But there's just something about you

That makes me lie awake at night
Trying to fathom why it is you're on my mind
It's not you're beauty that's so rare
Or how your fragrance fills the air
There's just something about you

Something in the way you touch my soul
Don't know what it is but I'm needing to hold you
Something in your eyes when you look my way
Makes me realise I might want it this way
There's just something about you

There's just something about you
And the spell you put on me
And please believe me
This was not supposed to be
So why do I seem so obsessed
Sometimes it feels like I'm possessed
And I can't think of nothing else

Please forgive me for I know not what to do

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