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Mikey Graham

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Mikey Graham Lyrics

"Meet Me Halfway" lyrics

I would walk a million miles
Just to see your pretty face
And I'd climb a million mountains
Just to feel your warm embrace
And I would stay up all night long
Just waiting for the day
That I could see you baby
Meet me halfway

And that's just how our love has been
Through all these last few years
I've wasted all my time
Drying up your bitter tears

So please don't let me walk this far
Out here on my own
And can't you love me baby
Cause I'm lovin' all alone
So come on pretty darlin' now
You know just what to do
You'll never find no one to love you
Like the way I do
And I can't stop this feeling
Getting stronger everyday
And now my heart has broken
Will you meet me halfway?

My love for you dear woman
Well it's higher than the sky
Sometimes I get to thinkin'
As to what's the reason why
And just before I leave you here
There's one thing I should say
If these legs of mine were broke
Would you meet me halfway?

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