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Meshuggah Album

Destroy Erase Improve (07/25/1995)
. . .

an even stobe a pulse of flashing
hatelights of synthetic souls massproduced
hammered to shaped a sign of times dreams
turn into systems a new way a new breed
implanted in our minds

here i am in the hand of a sterile hate the
new control i can not wake i'm not a sleep

new intelligence arise in emptied bodies
turgid flesh tested through eternal spastic
fits through not known codes mother
machine in genocide now scorn a dying race

evolution in reverse now it's time for me
changing what am i to be contorted an
eternity defeated

programmed to appease you we're symbols of
perfection humanoids runed by your laws :
destroy erase improve lesson first :
Lyricssubmission we're docile servant dogs our
leashes are your limbs computed deep

remoted minds controlled our thoughts no
more doubts the new way is here disgorged

another thousands fakes that obey to a

circuit skein to vacuum

mechanical thoughts i now concieve no
longer me always to see inanity millions
to be units like me eternally human
patterns copied dissected distorted
completed to fit the machine the nerve
fibres give in to cords to the unknown

see me be me same contents same machine

the currency of ours no more flesh and bone
we are to unaware of what we have been

evolution in reverse now it's time for me
changing what am i to be contorted an
eternity defeated by the new machine

. . .

it's time to go into the me below
my morbid self beneath
a peril trip the last way out
i spin as i let go
in spirals down the narrow lines
passing through my aura
spit me out into my mind
a journey through disease

i'm behind my cynic eyes
that stare but can not see
the sickness in me ... beneath ...

i fall in untruthful me the essence of
my thoughts
swirling in a thousand vows endless

what am i this me beneath
a vain organic lie
that rules me from inside

immobile now i bow before reality itself
it's substance moving through my eyes
my life is transferred once suffused upon
my mind the view erases burns inside
and then another fall

i plunge into a well of lies a cold
perennial flow the vortex of my soul

. . .

inner perception trapped in a soul cage
human wreckage i leave my liquid face
who am i sense blurred who's my mind
in this life obscured
visual progressions leave me no peace
subliminal merger clutch the
fence of needs
what's there in desperation what's real
flawless confusion

void of emptyness reign my truth
before my eyes flashes of youth
memory-nuances pass where's my life
frayed pictures mass
insidious deception feelings fade
reenous mirrors i praise the
blackened day
what am i to reality what's in line

forever turning through a lifetime
Lyricsendless burning of soul and mind
step by step i'm taken through the past
to burn in fear of lies i'm lost mouldering
oblivions grasp makes my soul burn

this astray mind has sieged my soul
forever chained to this tearing cold
i'll never tell the truth from lies
disbelief covers my eyes i'm lost mouldering
perpetual pain in this soul burn

pieces to me strange wrapped up disguise
reflections of myself in another life

i see it vague before my eyes
pictures drawn of naked bare lies
it makes no sense to live this mess
constant until i find my rest
enemy within a soul in flames
gaining it's pulse breeding inside
pressure increase drowns my belief
as i unveil myself in me

. . .

trapped in a gaze where time stand still
connected to a blur sensations deformed
we are to drown just to become
another set of eyes among the millions

enchanted we fade selecting illusions
dwellers of the scene a new world obsessed
gods of displays divine screens
radiate us now your blessing

down kneel to shields of glass
to the sovereign
bleed for the entity of wavelenghts

transfixed yet eyes glowing with delight
delusions of omniscience bred us my liars
mentally drained by the growing leech
fed on our manic desire

oceans of sewage continual
washing into our minds
Lyricsdrowning in wasted integrity
with eyes too open to see vanity

engulfed in super fiction fields
what are we when the false pictures

caged within a twilight world
devoid of own self made thoughts
stare blind ...

. . .

convalescent livid we succumb
stagnation now complete
this is the new plague called
we're selfcaged in defeat
clotted minds coagulate we are trapped
inside the tears we obey resignate to our
self-inflected fears

voices calm will be never heard
in this mode who will change
bantised in our minds so absurd
is this the world sublime
into pools of paranoia we're fading with
reality drained by lies we are al inhuman
introspective vanishing

sterile thoughts now upraised in subhuman
majesty bodies numb still enchained
where am i in hell of our dreams
wrong wrong i'm in the now the vain reality
so it seems we're dying yet content
worship our chrysalis stage since when are
lies devine

since when

this is now degrade indulge
this is us servile obliging

swallowed by our hunger for mendacity
as this dance whirls deeper into hate

we're vanishing

in down deep cold where am i caught cage
trapped not in dreams now time has killed
our eyes fall fade gone dead away

. . .

i can't run away from the thing in me
i'm weakening down another now developing

i can feel it it's inside my head
connected to my brain this other me is
slowly taking over deep beneath the
eye that
all can see energetic visions of the one
i know myself to be

look into my eyes don't listen to their lies

how can i stop this from being real
no my life will be no longer what it always
used to be

life neglected infected by strain
i fall into the smothering the even
flow of
ravaging pain this my temple of selfcaged
Lyricscontempt a body slowly pierced by
inevitable me

do i differ from yourself am i like
they say
the truth eventually i'm the one you
wanna be
can you feel the same as i another inside
pushing to free itself from the chains
of the soul

turn your eyes toward the inside
dig deep within i'm sure you'll find
a different self a different soul
to put you in peace with mind

. . .

i don't need religion
god bless no one
me and my own opinions
are written by me
you surrender
under mass hypnosis
bound to illusions
produced by your god

who is humane
real alive no god

i see your blindness
erase your identity
your mind is hollow
carved to inability
i know to be
loyal to myself
my integrity leaves myself
alone in peace with me


there's no god
life is a trap
unlock your mind
trust in yourself

wake from the grip of the tongue
you've been choked oppressed
god owns god cheats god lies
god hates god kills god slays

the pressure on humanity
has risen beyond control
we are leading evolution
into termination
the sense of hate
inbreeding scars to innocence
genetic prejudice a
selfdestructive line in pain

why this reality
life poured into inanity

. . .

tortured soul ripping skin into ashes
blind by pain deaf by lies
smell of freedom violently cuts
power to a being never dies
suffer in truth's narrow passage saw
weak solutions stabbed to now know
the smile of obliterations face

penetrating through the void of life
a dance with the dead
buried in oblivion stolen from the mind
constant starving never fed

contamined life is fading
laughing in my face
suffer in deception
manipulated not to feel
slain beleifs abandoned dreams
a life of misery

Lyricssuffer in truth

the wounds of a soul in pain
a mirror of life
dreams all in vain
life will always be sealed

i see ... unseen
i feel ... unseen

suffer in truth

. . .

back again within myself
asleep but aware i'm lost again
every time i close my eyes
i enter the dream to which i'm strained
a sudden change into a state
where life is dust
and everything flow
circling above swirling seas
of eyes upraised toward the unknown

vapour masques in the leaden air
unleashed by death in a grubby dawn
vacant faces reflecting sorrow
hidden inside senses disowned
a maze of glass shattered by thoughts
of a faltered soul freed in bliss
clouds disperse revealing shades
tempting my soul i can't resist

a vision of morbidity
of ragged silent shadows
Lyricsdressed in black disease
they're closing up on me
peering lifeless weary eyes
they drag me down into
another world inside of me

paralyzed by the view
hypnotized let me wake

mesmerized by the flames as i return
into myself a slow conversion a silent
change i wake into the brightened day

. . .

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