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Memphis Bleek

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Memphis Bleek Lyrics

"I Get High" lyrics

i gets high rollin down the I-95,
ma dont ask why i love gettting high while i drive
i cant lie (i cant lie), i puff fly ( i puff fly)
while i drive down the I-95

Put the key in the ignition, start my v
take the clip out the ashtray, spark my trees
u know dat haze weed, bad boys roll tight
valvader, cranberry juice, mixed light
under 30 percent tint ridin benz
doin a quarter smokin on what grow in da water, my lifes in order
u no i got a pocket full a sticky, da old b-k, light a blunt up for biggie
and smoke out, i give a fuck if ya got a skateboard or that new exo-out,
u blow a blow a roll out and holla i'm a survive or die
i'm a ride cuz they neva take a nigga alive

i gets high rollin down the i-95
starin through the rim view from all the shit i survive
and as i ride by i just tilt my hat,
put the car in cruise and roll up anotha sack

(chorus x2)

u catch me rollin hay while i'm down in The benz
hey dont stop, i light a blunt up for pac
pop my collar take another sip a dat vodka
hit 3 wheel motion lockin in the impala
on them 50 spokes wit 2 pounds to smoke
and the weed come clean no sticks, no seeds
straight bud it keeps the car, we sinnin
ma be like bleek, and we cant breath in it
mami keep cool let me remove the roof
take sip o that velvie and remove yer shoes
recline baby, smoke good line baby
this the real green, out the high times baby
we sittin on dubs, no what thats like?
twistin up bud, mommy get yo mind right

(chorus x2)

i gets high, holla a them boys
(while i drive down the i-95)
holla a them boys
(uh huh uh huh)
holla at them boys
(while i drive down the i-95)
smoke one for yer dogs

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