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Melissa Etheridge

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Melissa Etheridge Lyrics

"I Will Never Be The Same" lyrics

So you walked with me for a while
Bared your naked soul 
And you told me of your plan 
How you would never let them know
In the morning of the night 
You cried a long lost child 
And I tried on I tried to hold you 
But you were young 
And you were wild 

But I, I will never be the same 
Oh I, I will never be the same 
Caught in your eyes 
Lost in your name 
I will never be the same

Secrets of your life 
I never wanted for myself 
But you guarded them like a lie 
Placed up on the highest shelf 
In the morning of the night 
When I woke to find you gone 
I knew your distant devil 
Must be draggin' you along 


And you swore that you were bound for glory
And for wanting you had no shame 
But I loved you
And then I lost you 
And I will never be the same


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