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MC Hammer
MC Hammer

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MC Hammer Calls Off Feud With Jay-Z

November 15, 2010
MC Hammer has called off his feud with Jay-Z, saying he wants the pair to move on. Earlier this month, the rapper released the diss track 'Better Run Run', which included several lyrical references to Jay-Z, as well as a video featuring an apparent lookalike.  Read more 

Jay-Z: MC Hammer Will Be Embarrassed Over Diss Track

November 4, 2010
Jay-Z has spoken for the first time about MC Hammer's new track 'Better Run Run', which pokes fun at the rapper. The song, released online early this week, includes several lyrical references to Jay-Z, while the video boasts an apparent lookalike.  Read more 

MC Hammer Slams Jay-Z In 'Better Run Run' Diss Track

November 1, 2010
MC Hammer has hit out at Jay-Z in a new song called 'Better Run Run'. The track, which can be watched below, includes several lyrical references to the rapper, as well as an apparent lookalike.  Read more 

MC Hammer Upset After Jay-Z Takes Aim In New Kanye West Song

September 27, 2010
MC Hammer has taken offence at the lyrics in a new song by Kanye West, which features Jay-Z. West released the track, entitled 'So Appalled', on Twitter last week as part of his Good Friday series.  Read more 

MC Hammer To Teach Peter Crouch New Dance Moves For World Cup

December 9, 2009
MC Hammer has promised to teach Peter Crouch some new dance moves ahead of the World Cup in South Africa next summer. 28-year-old England striker Crouch debuted his infamous 'robot dance' after scoring a goal in a 3-1 win over Hungary in 2006, however, he recently gave it up.  Read more 

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