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Maxi Priest

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Maxi Priest Lyrics

"Ain't It Enough" lyrics

This one's for you baby
This time I'll make things right
Lately I've been thinking that we need some time together
Nothing ever seems to go the way we planned
I used to think that nothing would ever come between us
And what we have is slipping right through our hands

Ain't it enough to say I love you
Ain't it enough to know I care
What would it take to prove that I need you
I'll do anything, I swear

You're always trying to tell me
That I never understand you
The trouble is you never get what I say
You never listen to my side of the story
So tell me, do I really have to beg you to stay
Tell me tell me tell me baby

repeat chorus

Much too far from being over
Much too close to let it go
It's our time to get it back together
Cause I can't stand to lose you right now

repeat chorus 3x

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