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Matchbook Romance

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Matchbook Romance Lyrics

"Say It Like You Mean It" lyrics

We're too afraid to close our eyes
Afraid that we might drift and lose track of the time
The brilliant lie blanks my blind
Sends ghosts back to their graves and us back to life
I'm sorry, I'm sorry

Over and over [x2]
(just say it like you mean it)

The best is when you say the worst is over
It's like saying we had luck with a three leaf clover
And you kept saying that over and over
And I still catch you looking over your shoulder
And it's okay, I know the only times you really loved me
Were the times when you weren't sober
And that hurts
We all hurt
We all hurt
And I kept saying that

Over and over [x2]
(just say it like you mean it)

For the taste
For the sight
For the sound
For the fight
For the weak
For the strong
For the light
Say it like
You say it like you mean it
For the wait
For the crush
For the fear
For the lush
For the love
For the hate
For the touch
Just say it like
I will wait out for you [x3]

I will wait out
Over and over [x2]
Just say it like you mean it

Just say it like you mean it

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