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Masterboy Lyrics

"Do You Wanna Dance" lyrics

Do you, do you, do you, do you wanna dance
come along and dance with me
yeah, yeah wanna dance
yeah, come on
Rap 1
free, free you feel free
come on now just follow me
you, you it's all in you
come on now just do it do
I won't moan, I won't beg
I just wanna see your moving legs
move it like you want it to,
move it now, just do it do
let it all out of your mouth
scream out loud from north to south
you hear it all from east to west
your bodies move tell which one's best
don't talk that much just move around
the music's hot, it's dancefloor-sound
the party's going on in here
the DJ's music's playing musci weird
Rap 2
Live your dreams and fantasy
stay close to us, stay close to me
this is what it's all about
music hot weird and loud
don't nedd no speeding drugs at all
in spring in summer, autumn, fall
it's music that is speeding you
come on now, just do it do
we'll give you kicks we'll give you breaks
we give you everything it takes
you'll feel lucky, you'll feel glad
kick everything out that makes you feel bad
come on come on, let's move it now,
come on, come on we'll show you how
round and round and round and round
to the groove, to the sound

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