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Marvin Sapp

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Marvin Sapp Lyrics

"Miracle" lyrics

It's your time for your miracle.
It's your time for your miracle.

Verse 1:
You press your way in the midst of the crowd,
came in anyway even though you weren't allowed.
I can hear you say within yourself,
"if I can just touch Jesus,
I don't need a touch from nobody else";
it's your time for your miracle.

Verse 2:
So don't you be discouraged, don't you be dismayed,
for you've not been denied, it's only been delayed.
It seems it may not be your turn in life,
but don't you get discouraged, just stand in line.


LyricsIt's your time,
your next in line,
(to receive your miracle) miracle.
Today is your day,
it's all in your faith...


Vamp 1:
Just touch the hem of His garment,
your miracle in a moment.

Just believe He will do it,
your faith will move Him to do it.

Vamp 2:
Your miracle.


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