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Martha Tilston

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Martha Tilston Lyrics

"Mary and the Prince" lyrics

Mary won the love of the young prince.
He limousine'd round to hers,
And stood in the garden of her London semi,
Sighing with the evening birds.

'Oh marry me, Mary!
My heart is joined with thee.'

'Well, I would, if I could, my prince.' she said
'But our families would never agree'.
So off to college Mary went,
where she had a lover or four.
And though she was a writer of poems,
for rent she would sweep the floor.

'And how are you, Mary?'
The young prince would think from time to time.
He was introduced to a Cheltenham lady
And the bells they were set to chime.

Three nights before the royal wedding,
The prince went to a swanky London bar.
And there on a stage was his own sweet Mary,
Singing out her little heart.

'Is it you out there, my handsome prince?'
Ten years could not break that stare.
And his body guards tried to rush him away.
'Hold fast you', he said, 'just you dare!'

'Oh dance with me, Mary'
And they spun around the Vaudeville Dome.

As the barman swept up,
Mary slipped away,
And she smiled on the night bus home.
Hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm

'Twas on the daytime TV show.
Mary heard the wedding was off.
And there in the garden of her London semi,
Stood her lover, bold toff.

'Marry me, Mary.
The only princess I know lies within'

'Well, we'll see about marriage', Mary said,
'But I'll happily live in sin
with you, my prince
with you my, my, my prince'.

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