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Mark Erelli

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Mark Erelli Lyrics

"What's Changed" lyrics

(Mark Erelli)

Darlin' when we me you said I was the one
So I never thought the knot we tied would come undone
But lately you've been acting kind of strange
What's changed
What's changed

Not so long ago you couldn't get enough
I've still got all of those bad habits that you used to love
As far as I can tell I'm still the same
What's changed
What's changed

You're getting over me
Far too easily
We had a love so strong
But when I look into your eyes I see that you're already gone

I've spent my whole life falling in and out of love
And I swore this time I wasn't gonna fuck it up
If there's a reason why you're leaving please explain
What's changed
What's changed

Darlin' if you're really gonna say goodbye
And there ain't nothing I can do or say to change your mind
Just one piece of information in exchange
What's changed
What's changed

What's changed

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