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Luniz Lyrics

"Broke Ho's" lyrics

[Chorus: x1]
You gotta have a j-o-b
If you wanna be wit me
Cause broke ho's is a no-no
Broke ho's is a n-o-, n-o- fa sho

[Girl Talking]
I'm tired of these motherfuckers
Talkin bout broke ass ho's
You motherfuckin right I'ma broke ass ho
Breakin yo motherfuckin ass off every time I see you
I needs my cash man
Gotta have it, gon have it, gon get it

Who's the mack, I'm the mack, you's the mack
Kickin a gangsta limpin pimpin like Pretty cone
Now it's your herringbone I'm wearin home

Dearly beloved, I'm so low-budget no gold nugget's
Chillin in the two do' cutlass same ol' bucket

I love it when them bitches call me J.J
Cause I'm the bebe, them bitches come visit
on pay day

To get checks to buy leather coats
That's why I'm solo
Cause broke bitches is a no no

[Chorus: x1]

[Girls talking]
Bitch that's just like when that nigga
Took me to Vegas, his fat ass fell asleep
I got him for his Rolex, and his car keys(whaat)
When I initialed back to the town
Sold his triple gold for a playa's price(HAHA!)

My balls spin off the wall mic goes, psycho's
Therapy to carry me, and felt me
A bitch can't help less that bitch wealthy
Cause they ain't shit but ho's and tricks
So I goes and gives the bitch the stolen grip
That left on my nigga's clothes and shit
Vogues and shit, for my hooptie, gucci link
Me don't wanna no broke ass hoochie
Cause they coochie stink
Think, while your fa sho sho, bitch is a no no
Nigga's kick down you do' at the kick
She got your ass licked at the mo mo
Don't no why ya trustin the bitch
Cause she suckin ya dick
But he fuckin ya bitch
In the mix, don't get it twisted
These bitches be broke as fuck
Knowin the under they be posted up
Sellin but on Novero, make dinero cash
Or get the eight and half up yo narrow ass
I lay my pimpin down like Ron O'Neal
Chill in the village, deal wit more
Clean dope fiend like Willis, broke bitches kill me

[Chorus: x2]

[Girls talking]
Oohhh, bitch ain't that Num from the Luniz
Yeah, I heard that motherfucker got hella scrilla
You ain't knowin, I'ma set the motherfucker up
Get him high wit this sunshine pussy
And Nummy all mine, ohh yeah

I wanna fuck and that's it
After that split
I didn't kiss ya cause ya breath smelled like shit
I only stayed cause you was lickin me
But then I got fed up because ya dookie braid's was stickin me
Ya lookin like ya from the blue lagoon
But I ain't trippin cause I know that you'll be leavin soon
Bitch, you only wit me cause you think dat I'm rich
You fuck twenty mo' nigga's, then come to me
Sayin you got the itch
But I ain't got it punk, I use to jimmy
"Uh-uh, remember that day we was fuckin to humpty hump"
The rubber broke, and I jumped
Hit my head on the lamp
Cause I was amped, off of drank and the hamps

[Chorus: x3]

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