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Lucero (band)

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Lucero (band) Lyrics

"Darby's Song" lyrics

little girl your still far too young
to have a heart that's been so broken
it might seem you ain't got no one
well, i'm here for you
told your momma before she died that
i'd stayed right by your side
now i have to leave just a little while
but i'm here for you

hardest part there is about dying
don't want to leave your life behind you
i know your momma wouldn't want you crying
so i'm here for you
loved your momma more than she loved me
when you were born i was far from tennessee
i came back home to hold you close to me
and i'm here for you

your far too precious to me
i only want what's best for you
that might not include me
well i know it's true
but i'm here for you

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