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Lita Ford

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Lita Ford Lyrics

"Hammerhead" lyrics

(Ford, Ehmig)
He sees himself as a warrior
In a world that doesn´t understand
A demon light fills the eyes, of this mechanical man
He´s a living, breathing nightmare
He´s twisted and he´s mean
In his head, the walking dead are his war secret machine
Oh, Hammerhead

He was just a lonely boy before the demons took control
His sanity, humanity, lost somewhere long ago
Now the poisons in his memory
Are clogging up his veins
And the lonliness like a devil´s kiss
Has gone straight to his brain
Oh, Hammerhead

Now he´s lost within his madness
And more and more each day
The metal man turns his hand
To the price the world must pay
Oh, Hammerhead

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