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Lil Scrappy

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Lil Scrappy Lyrics

"Head Bussa" lyrics

[Lil Jon]
Let's rise!
for the international headbussaz
wassup Lil Scrappy Lil Scrappy Lil Scrappy BME click
(who are you?) I'm Lil Jon Okay!


We some head bussaz
we some head bussaz
we'll knock a hata out
we some head bussaz
we some head bussaz
we some head bussaz
we'll knock a hata out
we some head bussaz

[Lil Scrappy]
I made up my mind that i'ma strike and i'm ready to fight
checkin out my steel killin every punk nigga in site
we expite i knew you bitches didn't wanna brawl
bitch i'll swang on all of ya'll
i'm the beast from the east
wit da fangs on my teeth
i'll murder all of ya'll bitches in da middle of da street
and i don't give a fuck if ya'll don't like me
straight knock yo ass in captivity
down south i'll ride shoot and kill homicide
it be nothin shawty tiull the day that i die
we strive on tearin heads up!
and every where we go we gon tear dat bitch up
we don't give a fuck about havin no click
the A got my back and i ain't takin no shit
excuse me shawty get the fuck out my face
befo we get mad and shoot up the whole place


[Lil Scrappy]
I speak my mind cuz bitin my tongue hurt
murder yo ass and lyrics and put yo face on a shirt
i'm a muthafucka rider i thought ya'll knew
and i reppin nothin if it's twenty of you
i think it's plenty of you that really want the shawty dead
watch what ya said lil shawty i'm makin bread
fuck all ya'll hataz and hatred blood to match
a long way plus i roll wit G's and Gat's
and shawty matter a fact these trill G's and dub's
we ain't talkin behind yo back and we ain't scared to bust
i'm by myself but bein alone makes you strong
i stepped out the porch young so shawty i've been grown


[Lil Scrappy]
ATL off da chain down here
ya come with dat gat and no action
you gon dissapear
you walk in da club it's tight like brass knuckles
straight info on hata like be chumpin off turned brothas
beatin in ya door wit dat clip on da tech
beatin down ya block in that 89' Chevy
tellin stupid bros we throwin bows that we ready
screamin "swang shawty" to da boys dat can't stand me
yeah shawty i'ma ATL slugga
knockin out heads on ya pussy muthafuckaz
shawty be sayin "scrap you cool boy"
but i known in my heart i'ma headbussa boy!


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