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Lightnin' Hopkins

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Lightnin' Hopkins Lyrics

"Morning Blues" lyrics

You know I went down to my baby's house, fell down on my knees,
crying please, please help poor me, help old me
She said, "Lightnin' I wished I was rich and you were poor"
The meals that you've been getting, I will see that you never get them no more
She's talking to me and I'm down on bended knee
Somebody help me, help me, please
You know I went to my house, wasn't nobody there but me
That was trouble, that was worry, Lord, Lord, like the whole world would see
Somebody please help me, I've been wondering about my fate
Her little smiling, baby, I can't see
Well I'm about to make it up in my mind to let her go ahead on
Baby, you go have a good time, while I walk my floor and moan
You may not miss me now, but you're gonna miss me when I'm gone
Well I just can't do nothing but cry, I just got to walk my floor and moan

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