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Left Spine Down

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Left Spine Down Lyrics

"Reset" lyrics

It's time for me to get away from here
Just thought you oughtta know the end is near
Did you honestly think it would've worked at all?
'Cause everything I've seen has only made me fall
There ain't much I can do now that I've seen the truth
There ain't much I can do now they've made me into one of you

Repent - for the kingdom of oblivion is at hand
Regret - not a thing for all's as it was planned
Reject - false gods, false hopes, and false ideals
Reset - push the button, game over, no more time to steal

Feed me more, fill me more
Lie to me before you leave me here to rot
Know just what you're doing
Can't believe I was the culprit all along
And I'll come looking for you when you least expect it
The punchline of it all is the fate of which I inherit

You need
We fight
You bleed
We die
They win
The game begins again
This time
We're lost
Media holocaust
It burns
You yearn
To feel the touch
Of your gun

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