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Left Spine Down

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Left Spine Down Lyrics

"Prozac Nation" lyrics

It's never quite enough
You're always just too much
There are far too many rules
And there's no room to move
I'll disconnect myself and fall
Right out of line
I've severed all the ties
And freed my mind from all that binds

Far too busy flipping from station to station
Far too busy living in the Prozac Nation

Everyday my radio tells me to go away...
Just play the same old fucking song
And everything is A-O.K.

Now dive in deep
Die in your sleep
And try to keep
Your promised "king"
Rules of the weak
Rules that we speak
Rule over me
This slavery
Your leap of faith's
A leap of fate
They leave mistakes for us to undo
Just dare to be
Just dare to see
Just dare me please
To unmask you

Everyday my radio tells me to go away...
Just pop the same old fucking pill
And everything is A-O.K.

Everyday my radio tells me to go away
You're all living in the Prozac Nation...

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