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Lee Williams

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Lee Williams Lyrics

"Can't Run" lyrics

You can't run, You can't hide
There's no need, No need to try
You Don't know when or how he's coming
You just can't get by

VERSE1 Oh devil is like a policeman
traveling through this land, he's serving
a death notice to every woman and man
you're gonna need a lawyer, if I were you that's the next thing I would do, just as sure as you're sitting here tonight one day he's got a warrant for you, so you know what

VERSE2 Jesus, is a lawyer, one who never lost a case, If I were you, I get lawyer Jesus, I wouldn't wait, I would make haste, This is something you can't get around, no matter what you do, just as sure as you hear my voice today, one

day he's got a warrant for you. (GO BACK TO CHORUS)

VERSE3 He's taking the baby from there mother's breast, he's taking the rich man and everybody else, he's taking mother, daughter, father and son, sometimes he want stop until he get the last one, So you (CHORU

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