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Lee Brice

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Lee Brice Lyrics

"Carolina Boys" lyrics

Did you see me with my coat
and my white tee shirt
and my cowboy boots
and my baby blues
staring at you from across the room
Did you see me looking at you?
"yes you did"

I was looking at your eyes
looking at your legs
looking at your thighs
looking at the old back side
did you see me looking at you man
i dont understand what a women like you
would want in a boy like him
"and boy like him"

well i saw your man standing there
and i gave him a glare
and i swear he looked
Lyricspretty scared to me
i saw him swollow his pride
and i looked deep in his eyes
and it ended with "you wanna take this outide?"

cause carolina boys get rowd and loud
"yes we do"
dont look at me
ill turn you whole world upside down
cause we get rowd and loud

I didnt mean to scare you
with my rowdy redneck friends
but i couldnt help to notice you walk in
with him
his 3 piece suit and his penny loafer shoes
girl tell me what am i gonna do with you?
do you want to ride?
do you want to dance all night?
do you want to take a little
trip in my lifted ride?

Now tell the truth girl
you saw a new world
the moment you layed your pretty little
eyes on me
well i give you something to think about
something to talk about
tell the whole world about a girl like me


Cause we get rowdy!
no we get rowdy!
we get rowd and loud!

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