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Background information
Origin Houston, Texas, United States
Genre(s) Christian Rap
Years active 2004—present
Label(s) Reach Records
Cross Movement Records
Associated acts 116 Clique
Website Website

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Lecrae Album

Rebel (09/30/2008)
Don't Waste Your Life (feat. Dwayne Tryumf)
Go Hard (feat. Tedashii)
Live Free (feat. Sho Baraka)
. . .

Chorus: I'm in rebellion

Verse 1:
Jesus was a rebel, a renegade, outlaw
A sanctified troublemaker but He never sinned, naw
and He lived His life by a different set of Rules
the culture ain't approve so you know they had to bruise Him
that's the way they do man, they swear they so gangsta
everyone the same, everybody do the same stuff
tattoo, piercings smokin' up and drinking, money and sex plus them extravagant weekends
man if that's the high life I'll puff puff pass that
you live evaporated like missing a gas cap
I guess I'm passed that; I am in rebellion
I'd rather have a dollar in my pocket than a million
I'm scared to worship money, and my wants over Elyon
I'll remain a rebel while the rest of them just carry on
this is what I live for, this the hill I'm buried on
if Jesus is the truth that means one of us is VERY wrong
think about it

"I know that in our day rebel means sinner.
But everyone is sinning, so it is no longer rebellious to sin!
Jesus was a rebel who was counter-cultural."

Verse 2:
No glory in me
all glory to the King on the throne (Jesus)
you either love Him or leave Him alone but you can't do both
yeah, I know you heard that once in song
I pray you hear 10 more fo ya gone
hey listen up, holmes
Stage is the corner and my crowd is the streets
And I rap the bread of life cause they dyin' to eat
I'm a rebel you know the kind that die in the street
Cause you refuse to conform, won't eat the kings meat
Christ rebelled by shunning the culture
He eatin' with sinners givin Pharasies ulcers
He never got married, he was broke, plus homeless
yeah that's the God I roll with
ya boy gotta wife and no I never cheated
I'm prayin for humility whenever I get heated
forget about the drugs rebel against pornography
this ain't how it oughta be, homie it' how it's gotta be
A rebel

"You are just a conformist, if you are drunk and naked, driving around on a loud motorcycle, smoking cigarettes and breaking commandments, getting pregnant out of wedlock. Everyone has done that, it's so tired! If you really want to be a rebel read your Bible, because no one is doing that! That's rebellion, that's the only rebellion left!"

. . .

Let's Go.
Hook: (Cam)
Don't waste yo life man.

Verse 1: (Lecrae)
I know a lot of people that scared they gone die
couple of em thinking they'll be livin in the sky
while Im here livin man I gotta ask why, what am here fo I gotta figure out
waste my life no I gotta make it count
if Christ is real then what am I gone do about
everything in Luke 12:15 down to 21
you really gotta go and check it out
Paul said if Christ aint resurrect then we wasted our lives
well that implies that our life's built around Jesus being alive
everyday I'm living tryna show the world why
Christ is more than everything you'll ever try
better than pretty women and sinning and living to get a minute of any women and men that you admire
it aint no lie
We created for Him
outta the dust he made us for Him
Elects us and he saves us for Him
Jesus comes and he raises for Him
Magnify the Father why bother with something lesser
he made us so we could bless Him and to the world we confess him
resurrects him
so I know I got life
matter fact better than I know I got Christ
if you don't' see His ways in my days and nights
you can hit my brakes you can stop my lights
man I lost my rights
lost my life
forget the money cars and toss that ice
the cost is Christ
and they could never offer me anything on the planet that'll cost that price.

Don't wanna waste my life. (Echo)

Verse 2: (Dwayne Tryumph)
Armed and dangerous
So the devil jus can't hang wid us
Christian youth them a stand wid us
Livin' n driven/ given a vision/ fullfillin the commission he handed us
London to Los Angeles
Da rap evangelist
Ma daddy wouldn't abandon us
"I gotta back pack fulla tracts and I keep a Johnny Mac"
So are you ready to jam with us
So lets go, gimme the word an lets go
Persecution lets go
Tribulation lets go
Across the nation lets go
Procrastination lets go
Hung on the cross in the cold
Died for da young and the old
Can't say you never know
Heaven knows
How many souls are going to hell or to heaven so we gotta go in and get em

Don't wanna waste my life (Echo)

Verse 3: (Lecrae)
Yeah do it for Christ if you trying to figure what to do with your life
if you make a lot of money hope you doing it right because the money is Gods you better steward it right
stay focused if you aint got no ride
your life aint wrapped up in what you drive
the clothes you wear the job you work
the color your skin naw you Christian first
people get to livin for a job
make a lil money start living for a car
get em a wife a house kids and a dog
when they retire they living high on the hog
but guess what they didn't ever really live at all
to live is Christ yeah and that's Paul I recall
to die is gain so for Christ we give it all
he's the treasure you'll never find in the mall

See your money your singleness marriage talent yo time
they were loaned to you to show the world that Christ is Divine
that's why it's Christ in my rhymes
That's why it's Christ all the time
see my whole world is built around him He's the life in our lives
I refused to waste my life
he's too true ta chase that ice
heres my gifts and time cause I'm constantly trying to be used to praise the Christ
If he's truly raised to life
then this news should change your life
and by his grace you can put your faith in place that rules your days and nights.

Don't wanna waste my life. (Echo)

. . .

Go Hard or Go Home(2xs)
Lord Use Me Up(2xs)

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Lord kill me If I don't preach the gospel
I'm still in my 20's- but I'll die if I got to
Eh man I'm Already dead- man forget my flesh
I done been crossed over, see the full court press
I'm a full court mess if the Lord don't use me
Running from my trials thinkin' everythangs groovy
If the Cross don't move me then I don't wanna breath no mo
If I ain't seeing Christ potna I don't wanna see no mo
Rep Him every day without worrying about bruising
I been to china mayne I seen some real persecution
If U didn't know Christ would ya life look the same
Can they tell you value Jesus by the way you rep his name?
man what's the point of living if Im living for myself
Lord empty out my life before I put you on the shelf
So for God I got Hard I don't wanna die tonight
But It's too many people living who ain't heard about the Christ

Go Hard or Go Home(2xs)
Lord Use Me Up(2xs)

[Verse 2: Lecrae]
Went to Asia had to duck and hide-for sharin' my faith
They tell me water it down when I get back to states
They say tone the music down you might sell a lot a records
But it's people out here dying and none of em heard the message
Took my wifey on mission trip - in central america
Shared her testimony 40 people stood and stared at her
When she said Jesus shoulda seen it was insane
cause 40 out of 40 never heard of Jesus name
Aw mayne we ain't focused on the war we just kickin' it
worried bout our image and our space up on the internet
take me out the game coach I don't wanna play no mo
If cant give it all I got and leave it out there on the court
Thank you for the Grace for the will and the desire
got me living for your glory stead of living to retire
But I pray I'll never tire of going hard for Messiah
I don't need no motivation You the reason I'm inspired.

[Verse 3: Tedashii]
Go Hard for the Lord baby 'til He takes us home
Go Hard for the Father baby go on get it on
That's what that is baby/that what that mean/that what that mean
That what That is baby/That what that mean/that what that mean
Wha-What that mean?
That mean that we, should be out up in the streets
Not just in houses with our bible's summarizing what we read
Man this ain't deep (man this ain't deep)/why we ain't doing what we read
Its like we sleep (its like we sleep)
But sinners sleepwalk when they sleep
So why can't we (so why can't we)/the redeemed of the LORD
Act out, what He said/and make a scene for the LORD
Action-cut, say what, like we was the director
But you better get a Grip like movie sets, and get to stepping/(Martin)
I know you done it/da-done it, da-done-and heard it all
You was going hard for the Lord before you heard this song
But don't play yourself to save ya self/and walk in fear
Scripture's like a mirror/the truth is closer than it appears

Thank XcLe3t for these lyrics ~~

. . .

Hair check, shoes check,
brand new fit looking cool check,
I'm looking in mirror like "ooooh yes!"
cover for an insecure dude check, But she wont' feel me and they wont like me if I ain't in them J's or them brand new Nikes,but lets dig deeper inside my pysche
when it's all said and done even I don't like me
He live in the gym and his hair stay faded
late model car so they think he made it
but he's Christian he gave his life
but he still ain't satisfied in the savior Christ
still finds his identity in looks and cars
if he only knew that he ain't have to look so hard
If looked in God though it may seem odd he be so satisfied he could leave it all.

[ Chorus ]
I'm not the shoes I wear, I'm not the clothes I buy
I'm am not the house I live in, I'm not the car I drive
I'm not the job I work, You can't define my worth
By nothing on God's green earth, my identity is found in Christ.

[ D.A. T.R.U.T.H. ]
How do I gauge success,Why do I say I'm blessed,
Huh,Is it the car that I drive or the place that I rest or the way that I dress,
now Is the cause of my pride,
the stage and the set or my face in the press,
now Cause the applause it dies
When the praise is less if my face is depressed,
then/It's cause my value and worth is in the volume of the work I produce in the booth
It's a prize and a curse if defined by the perks when the truth is through
Man I'm goin' feel like I don't want to live no more, no more, no more
Cause they don't like me like they did in 04,04,04
So, I swallow my pride empowered by God,
I'm complete in Him
He's got peace God's priest I'm in In
His presence weak-His strength
Meet His kin We His brethren Read this list
Me forgiven
He's dismissed guilt and my sin and
I find my worth cause I'm Jesus' friend

[ Chorus ]
I'm not the shoes I wear, I'm not the clothes I buy
I'm am not the house I live in, I'm not the car I drive
I'm not the job I work, You can't define my worth
By nothing on God's green earth, my identity is found in Christ.

[ LeCrae ]
Got her hair done, toes and nails
is that Her? well it's hard to tell
cause she's caked up in so much make up
It's like she's tryna make up for what she ain't
but she's a saint but so confused
cause she's been rejected by all these dudes
that tell her on a scale of 10 she's a two
but that ain't true if she only knew
In Christ she is loved she secure and accepted
She'll never be rejected by God who's elected her
Her beauty is her Godliness
And she ain't gotta try to flaunt it cause it's obvious
( Identity is found in the God we trust
Any other identity will self destruct.x2 )

[ Chorus ]
I'm not the shoes I wear, I'm not the clothes I buy
I'm am not the house I live in, I'm not the car I drive
I'm not the job I work, You can't define my worth
By nothing on God's green earth, my identity is found in Christ.

. . .

Aye look what's good fam it's me again The one you used to call your friend
I know you aint forgot me?

Oh yeah you always get me caught in sin

Here you go with that again. You act like we aint cool or sumthin.
Lets go smoke a Kool or sumthin. Talk and sip a brew or sumthin.

Naw man I aint trusting you Aint nothing but lust in you
Thanks be to God I obeyed the teaching I was entrusted to
cause when you pass by you just want ya boy to backslide
Have me feeling sick like I'm coming down off a crack high

Man that's a flat lie you act like I'm the bad guy
you know when me and you get together we have a grand time
lets take it back. All the way to like the 6th grade
last thing on your mind back in the day was trying to live saved
remember house parties, kissing in the dark?
man that was innocent fun come on...

NOW don't start
See dawg I live by the Spirit so I don't gratify
all them old sinful desires that never satsify

Aye come on KILL THAT! Look me in my face and tell me I'm a lie
You aint feeling chasing women, getting drunk, and getting high
stacking money, staying fly, living up the playas life
we was having fun now gone try to be religious guy

Aye Yo man first of all LOWER YOUR VOICE! Who you talkin' to?
Handcuffed in August '02 I got caught with you
Truck flipped over on 35 that was all from you
I'll mess around and lose my life man tryna walk in you
I'm standing on these stages and got these people believing me
what I look like trying ta gratify this disease in me

So Now I'm a disease? Man please. I got yo back dawg
I aint saying drop the Jesus and be a rap star
All Im saying is when it's you and me lets be real folk
We aint gotta be selling drugs and tryna kill folk
Maybe just a lil...

What? A lil this, a lil that
a lil BET late at night, that's like a lil crack
see you aint gone lie to me I see how you be tryna be
BET tonight becomes addiction to pornography
and that's in no way honoring the God who's ruling sovereignly

Man you know you miss them old days

Yeah you right possibly
But after that I sober up and think of Jesus holding up
his skin up on the cross for all them drunken nights I'm throwing up
every thought of blowin up is captured in his flowing blood
I start thinking Philippians 4:8 when you showing up

You know I aint gone quit right?

Yeah I know but I'm dead to you
and one day I'll be present with Jesus who died and bled from you
Colossians 1:15 thats the God that I trust in
the Father crushed Him In doing so he has crushed sin

. . .

Help me Lord before there's no time left

It's like I'm tired of life
Lord i'm wrong I cant get right
Lord its Dark and I cant get light
why it cant be light it's so heavy why my sin won't let me see the end
come get me
please get me
my thoughts my mind
my ways all evil
I'm sposed to be your people I'm sposed to see your sequal
I said I'll never leave you
But I'm so left i aint right Lord I'm sleeping with death
I am cheating with death
am I deaf cause Its like I cant hear
I question my salvation cause it's like I don't fear you
I'm on a selfish island i am no where near you
God i really need you even tho I don't appear to
I'm drinking out a broken cistern that could never hold water and I'm soon to get burned
tho I try i never satisfy or quench this yearn
I hear you calling but it's like a fight for me to just turn

Help me Lord before there's no time left I aint living I'm just breathing to death (echo) Your ways are perfect and they lead me to rest Mine are evil and they lead me to death

I'm feeling skitzophrenic
maye I'm not saved cause i have to get high just to block out all the pain
seen death, seen hurt seen a whole lotta thangs
but instead of running from it I'm running away from change
it's like I'm outside in the ice cold weather
the rains coming down and I keep getting wetter
I know I'm getting sick and I could die any second
but still I refuse to let your truth make me better
I'd rather eat flies and maggots instead of bread
and its killing me slow but i cant get it through my head
you were stabbed you were murdered
and for me is why you bled
but I spit on your bloody face as If i never cared
Lord how dare i compare my pain
your father turned his back
and you were left to hang
I don't know why you did it that I cant explain
how can you love this sinner whose desecrated your name
I deserve the flames

I know I tell lies
I know that I am dirt
I know that I am nothing but you can give me worth
I don't know if I know you
But still I know I should
I know the days are evil and only you are Good
I've to the conclusion that I would like to change cause all the worlds money and fame cannot sustain
I know that i should turn but thats the hardest thang
cause do I really feel that have Jesus is a gain
the world is so tempting
Satan is a beast
he hypnotizes my eye to say the least
But jesus be my treasure to know you is live
and I am here dying trying everything there is
All I need in life is you
help me turn away from sin
give me grace to turn away and the fear not to give in
I know that I'm not perfect but if I could rest in Him
I know i don't deserve it but I'll take your hand

. . .

(It's not complete but it's better than nothing.)
Night and Day I ain't scared to say that we different

They play the prostitute but they like to say they just intimate

Idols in their heart, they can't seem to lose their grip on it

See them walkin' in the direction that canned and crippled them

Our Word is different like Whitley and Wayne man

They say we look the same but we ain't chasin' the same thing

It all boils down to they think everythings relative

Jesus might as well be a South American president

Very evident, they say that Jesus was heavensent

They lifestyle reflects they worship themselves instead of Him

They don't acknowledge the Christ

if they did they wouldn't worship themselves by the way that they live

All these rappers say they got guns that spray off 16

I've got a Luke 9 that can take all 16

That's the Bible the one they quote

But they don't care about the author they think he's a joke.


"It's just some folks say, "All truth is relative, it just depends on what you believe." You know, "hey man, ain't no way to know for sure who God is or what's really true." But that means you believe your own statement; that there's no way to know what's really true. You're saying that that statement is true. You're killing yourself. If what's true for you is true for you and what's true for me is true for me, what if my truth says your's is a lie? Is it still true? Come on man!"

I promise everybody is asking the same questions

“Who am I? What is my purpose and my direction?”

Y'probably believe that you exist for no other reason

Than Self-satisfaction, hedonism and pleasing things

Life's about you getting' yours and bein' happy

Even if it means a divorce and switchin' families?

Your job, your house, your car, your spouse

It's all for the glory of you, Else you out

You go to school get y' degrees and get a job

So you can make a whole lotta' g's cause' lifes hard

You never thought of livin to please a real God

And that's the reason that he made you

See, he gave you breath to breathe the chest to breathe it.

So you can taste and see He's the best, believe it

He made us for His glory and not for your own homey

Our God is Holy. You should repent and die slowly


"See, there's this thing called "Secular Humanism", it says man is the source of all meaning and all purposing. You know what i'm saying? We're just the result of a big cosmic explosion. We don't really have a purpose or meaning, so we just come up with our own purpose. We're the source of our meaning and our purpose. How can a man, which is the product of chance, a finite being be the source of purpose and meaning? You can't! You're created with purpose man! Get with The Creator yo!"

Man, everybody got a problem with God

and when you mention the Christ then they really get to turning the nod

But some say they roll with Christ

but some rappers made it seem like He's all good with the sin in their life


But then some say “How can God exist when

all this evil stuff in the world keep persistin'?

Wrong question. Ask again.

“How come God aint' let you feel the wrath from sin?”

What you thought last night deserved a first class flight

to Hell where God doesn't dwell. You got that right

But He bought back life, on a cross that night

Christ died, you ain't know that he crossed that price?

All of God's anger put on His son

Then together, through all of eternity. Now He was shunned.

Praise God for the life that was won for us

Ain't got a beef with God because the son was crushed


"Some people say that God ain't real 'cause they don't see how a good God can exsist with all this evil in the world. If God is real then He should stop all this evil, 'cause He's all-powerful right? What is evil though man? It's anything that's against God. It's anything morally bad or wrong. It's murder, rape, stealing, lying, cheating. But if we want God to stop evil, do we want Him to stop it all or just a little bit of it? If He stops us from doing evil things, what about lying, or what about our evil thoughts? I mean, where do you stop, the murder level, the lying level, or the thinking level? If we want Him to stop evil, we gotta be consistent, we can't just pick and choose. That means you and I would be eliminated right? Because we think evil stuff. If that's true, we should be eliminated! But thanks be to God that Jesus stepped in to save us from our sin! Christ died for all evilness! Repent, turn to Jesus man!"

. . .

[spoken intro]
"Our father, forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us"

Woke up this morning too depressed and shamed to leave my bed
can't stand to see my own reflection so I hang my head
Feel like a disappointment, like the scum of the earth
I'm so hurt, I know you see I can't cover my dirt

My soul's dying, heart's weak, I can't even cry
I'm supposed to run to you but why I'm such an evil guy
The sun's shinin but for me it's the darkest of days
Try to pretend it never happened but the guilt remains

I leave the house, it feels like everybody knows I did it
feel like they readin my mind and know the sin I committed
Through Your blood I'm acquitted but my heart doesn't get it
Oh God I'm desperate for help 'cause I'm grieving Your spirit

I couldn't sing in Sunday service, Lord it felt fake
And when they started Communion I just made an escape
I'm in need of Your grace feels like You hid Your face
Lord lead me back to the cross and show me my sin's erased

I'm so desperate
Can't believe I sinned against You
Create in me a clean heart (I'm so sorry)
Your mercy is what I need

I'm waist deep in my pity, is satan trying to trick me
and tell me You won't forgive me? 'Cause it's startin to get me
Jesus help me quickly, I hate the wrong I done

I know we all fall but I feel like the only one
Feels like I should be shunned, should I punish myself?
I know it's dumb 'cause by Your death all my sin has been dealt
But my sin has been felt - I didn't want to do it

But what I want to do I don't I swear I'm goin through it
I'm tryin to open up my Bible, need to read Your pages
Need You Lord but my guilt has got me feelin so faithless
Help me see where grace is take me to the basics
Help me find my joy in You and not people and places

My sin is ever before me, I turned my back on You
Oh Father break and restore me and bring me back to You
My sin is ever before me, I turned my back on You
God break and restore me and bring me back to You


Have mercy on me God according to Your steady love
wipe away my transgressions and wash me in Your blood
Create in me a clean heart, renew a right spirit
Don't hide Your face from me God Your presence, keep me near it

I'm waiting patient on You, Lord I know You hear my cry
Restore Your joy in me for You alone I live and die
It's You I glorify 'cause You don't want my sacrifice
You want me broken and contrite and trusting in the Christ

I confess to You my sin and You show me mercy
I turn away from it demonstrating that You are worthy
Over lust, over pride, over all sin
is my affection for Jesus who died for all them

I was lost now I'm found, I was tossed to the ground
My sin weighed on me heavy but I'm no longer bound
As sure as Christ wear the crown I know that grace will abound
And even when I feel lost, I know in You I am found


Note from C.k: If this song hit you like it hit me,
read the lyrics in a worshipful manner, and make the third verse a prayer!

. . .

You done had it wit this, if broke is a habit I guess you back at it again/You need a change/
Man you need some answers cause you just lost your moms to cancer/ you really need a change/
You done tried almost all the drugs/ and from Vegas to NY you been to all the clubs. You wanna change/ you tried new shoes and clothes/ but after while you still low so you know you gotta change/ Maybe if you could get a new you or new crew, a new do, that would suit your change/.A new somebody to lay with/ cause the last 5 just ain't make it they all betta change/ A brand new car on sixes the one you got now needs fixing and plus an oil change/You tried a new place/ new clothes, new tastes/ new ways, new face but you still need a change

You don't really know what you were put here for but before you go
You looking for a change
You trying find a home you can call your own cause you way too grown to making that chump change
Life's too short you been down to long
You seem them clothes, it's time for them to change
They say the Lord don't change
But the more things change
The more they don't change
But your boy needs change

Now you got oprah on thinking maybe she can help you out your hopeless zone/ she gone change you/ you even tried the church the pastor gave you bunch of rules they aint seem to work/ you dont change change/ you tried another one tho that gotcha feeling good inside and gotcha runnin fa mo and mo change/ but it's all about you not God not truth/ just because you wear the suit don't mean you been changed/Is Christ just a means to money, plus health/ Your like the master and hes the dummy/ No change/
Well if not that... then maybe it's better to be confused and forget all facts and all change/ Still been chasing change, and look where it gotchu depressed ain't a thang not u ain't making no change../ you tried to find God/ the horoscopes and stars/ ain't get very far/ so far no change

What if life ain't supposed to be gravy, fulla hurt pain, death, rape, murder and craziness/ If God made everything Good then you still gotta live in the hood whats really good/ It goes back to Adam in Eden when he ate that fruit believin somehow that he could/ Man disobeys God now both are at odds/ and life is just hard cause our hearts need/ you can't find hope in cars/ hope in money, or people/ only hope in God he can change you/ Jesus felt the pain, he was hated, hurt, slandered and slain his death brought/ Be a slave to your sin, hate God love money, love lies, Christ died so you can be changed/ It's kinda fun for a while but you'll lose that smile/ when your lights go out/ and the pain wont change

. . .

I know you might a seen on the TV
You hear on the radio and CD (fall back)
But you can be deceived pretty easy
Believe me... you might wanna (fall back)

The enemy crafty and misleading
that's why I use the word of God to Lead me
And I aint eating everything they feed me
Tryna deceive I gotta fall back

Verse 1:
Lies in them songs lies on television
No telling what lies on the television
learned sarcasm, sexism, racism
learned to worship money cars
learned to hate Christians
All the Christians in the movies so typical
alcoholic, child molesting, hypocritical and mystical
They say since everyone is doing it it's normal
But Jesus says be transformed and don't let them conform you
You aint thin enough you need diet
you need a psychic everybody does it you should try it
Spring break hit the beach what you sposed to do?
be careful what you let the media impose on you
You learned how to find peace from a TV show
you learned how to ride clean from them videos In 30 seconds a commercial have you mixed up
(call now and we can have your whole life fixed up)

Verse 2:
(Trip Lee)
These days if you watch the, box you should block your
Mind in these times, and them lies that could lock you
They telling girls in our world to be hot stuff
And telling dudes link with crews on the block tough
Plus I'm feeling like they mock us
They think that God is old school like a box cut
But I'm sure that His flock's tough
And we can judge what is bug, and live pleasing in His sight when the clock's up
I hope we gazing through His lens with eyes
So we can defend what it is when we get they lies
It's on that cash that they fix they mind
Man they always sayin cheese like its picture time (be easy)
Tell em cool it with the mind games
I'm chasing Christ, I'm renewed in my mind frame
And removed from them tired games
Then say my life it aint mine man
We must remove the damaged parts like a tire change

Verse 3:
Be a rebel let the word of God lead you
Satan uses media to tempt you and deceive you
He will lead ya leach ya and leave ya
so be careful as you navigate thru media
take heed fo gravity get the best of you
and you'll find the concrete bench pressin you
use the word of God to help filter all that
Before you fall into the trap you better fall back
(Trip Lee)
You know what I call that? I call that maturity
Learnin how to fall back so you can live in purity
Learnin how to walk that and saying them you ain't luring me
The media is meeting us with lies but He's curing me (be easy)
I know them guys trying to hype you
But cling to the Lord's Word, flee from them vipers
We spitting aiming at your heart like snipers
We'd like fa you to desire God like Piper

. . .

I'm free from sin
I win! I win!
I'm free! I'm free!
And no more chains are holding me!
I'm free from death,
Got power now,
Me kill the flesh
I'm free! I'm free!
(tell the world) I'm gone..I'm gone!

Verse 1:
I know when you hear this beat it sound like something to step with/
But morals and your music you want them separate/
Like garnish on the side something ya'll don't mess with
That Christo-centric rap eclectic
you might like rap that's wild and wreckless
a soap box for lots young and restless
They got ya head bobbin til ya lose ya necklace
Or betta yet bobbin til it leaves you neck less
You know where death is, where no more breath is and 3rd graders learn how to leave you chestless
Where God is dissed, dismissed and distant and far from their hearts cause they hard and wicked/ Sin hates God for real/ that's he's rarely talked about and he don't get the mass appeal/You might see sin sharin' a meal that it eats while it cheats on the spouse out seeking a thrill

Verse 2:
They walk in the church dressed flyer than sea birds, she came to see him he hopin' to see her
They motives ain't right and they heart ain't either/ and over God they choose to feed they fever/ See he don't understand that Its Christ who bled for/ every second glance every turn of his head yo/ and she don't really get that/ Jesus did that/ for every time she fantasize about his six pack/ they sure like Al B/ to connect like his brows be/ and with they bodies spit in God's face so foully/ sin so bad it's a liar/ it's says we on the throne tells God to retire/ it's says He ain't enough/ and it says we want more/ is says He ain't Just and it says He ain't Lord/ Sin is the laugh at his power/ rape of his mercy/ mock of his patience/ it say He ain't worthy/

Verse 3:
(Sho Baraka)
I been duped and been schemed/ Like the Lord was cool with my sinning/
mocking the cross living unrepented/ my sinful life kept us so
distant/ I know Lord and been king/ let him run your life like a
Simmons/ Then you'll start loving his righteousness and we start
looking just like his kids

(Sho Baraka)
Live free by His mercy and grace
Live free by His mercy and grace and tell the world I'm gone
Live free by His patience and peace
Live free by His patience and peace and tell the flesh I'm gone
Live free by His joy and love
Live free by His joy and love and tell the lust I'm gone
Live free by His truth and just
Live free by His truth and just and tell the hate I'm gone

. . .

You got money; You got paper
So what? Who cares?
You got money; You got paper
I got Jesus, baby!

these brothas passin me and they all rollin fly coups they throw some D's on but they still aint got the truth/ they blow they cheese on it then they die and what's the use/ Im so secure in jesus all i want in life is fruit. I I don't need no fast money/ NOPE/ dont need a fast car/ yeah the faith is a race but it aint a nascar/ and you and God got beef cause you keep chasin money like them hundreds got feet/ buddy wanna be rich but even 50 done said that he still feel broke even tho he got bread/ make em throw away they life got em runnin from feds/ love of money's like crack both of em will leave you dead/ when you die and face God aint nothing left to be said/ instead of Chasing the truth you take a lie to the head/ and homie all I can do tell you what Jesus said/ Repent and turn from your sin cause the kingdom of God's at hand.

people they want chesse american mozzarella/ the enemies rat trap might snap any second/ 'm like that dude in matthew who after finding a treasure/ gave all he had to get it thats a real go getta/ the 13 letters/the torah the gospel and all the prophets/ But you'll never see a soul who profit chasing the profit/ Now look at 1 Timothy 6 it's so clear/ you chase the money and wind up in a snare/ now a vow of poverty no it's not there/ but you pursue God the rest he takes care/ you don't step on his back in order to get rich/ if you do then you're in sin and ordered to REPENT/ you come come to Christ for God/ You come to Daddy for worship/ He aint take that Cross to fund your vanity purchase/ even though we all agree that death is certain/ it seems we believe there's banks beyond earth (THAT'S CRAZY)

Money dough cash paper/ if it was a woman I promise I used to date her/ now that we broke up she be callin ya boy a hater/ Cause all I do is use her for Glorifying my maker/ my treasures in heaven Christ is my satisfaction/ if I was broke I'd be richer than folkv never had em/ God is the Gospel not a new bentley/ was empty and he gave me life and that's plenty/ get me...homie I could spend six centuries/ simply saying I'm satisfied in the sensie / an it's sickening, that knowing God aint enough we gotta tell em they can get rich quickly/ now this is heresy/ false it's not true/ 2nd corinthians chapter 8 and verse 2 / read that and please believe that forget a c-note man they pockets was e-flat. They still had joy

. . .

Yeah they tell me sugar coat it, dumb it down but I can't
Might as well could deny the Jesus and be ashamed but I ain't...imma saint
Til the day I see the grave I'm going hard in the paint
It's the only hope we got dats why I'll die for the faith imma saint

Verse 1:
Used to be where I could only trust me and myself/ and then that Heavy
metal devil that could send em straight to he'll wit it/ thought it
was no helping it my selfishness was celibate I sell a bit but I make
sure I don't sit up in that cell a bit/ i'd yell a bit but only when
hurt came for certain/illiterate ain't know that the word came/ but
then that that light hit me and unblinded me/ Jesus paid a price me /
that's how I gained the right ta be the son of God I'd like to be/
changed my heart and gave me a desire for his work mayne/ kill me if you want but
I'm gone get back out that dirt mayne/ not yet what I'm
gonna be but not what I used to be/ bless his name forever who would
chose me and start using me/used to love my sinning fulla greed fulla
hate/ I might say that I love Jesus/but that talk was really fake/ I'd
be lustin for ya cousin if it wasnt for his Grace/ yeah he took me outta
nothin and he made ya boy a saint

Verse 2:
You got to understand Jesus agreed back in eternity to sign a bloody covenant and take a deadly turn for me/ He ain't just agree he fulfilled it to the death of em/ he took that bloody cup that's meant for us str8 to the neck/ and yeah he swallowed all that bitterness/ that pain and affliction/ ain't a soul in hell with pain comparable to this one/ brought me to repentance/ homie I'm blood purchased/ and daily I'm conformed to his holiness so I worship/ Jesus finished the work/ he resurrected on High/ that means he beat death and best believe so will I/ see some believe they can fly/ but I believe I can die/ resurrect leave the earth/ and live forever with God/ He will march through the sky while the stars sing his praises/ the planets dance around and the universe is amazed/ and me I get to gaze upon his beauty for days/ man if I could be anything baby I'd be a saint/

Verse 3:
You might think I'm crazy like some kinda urban misfit/ but first I
hated church I'd only pray to give my wish list/ I'd be just like you
doing my dougie in the club folk/ I promise I ain't it choose it I was
chosen to loved on/ eyes low blowing dro that's the life I used to
know/ but Jesus chopped me up and slowed me down just like that
Houston flow/ a dead man until somebody hit me with the hardest facts
the Gospel hit my heart I guess that's what you call a heart attack/
I'm looking at Ephesians 2 like what did Jesus see in you/ nothin/ by
his grace he chose to love on folk like me and u/ and I don't
understand it homie I Neva planned it/ I was chasing money and fast
women and man/then I met the great I am/son of man/ or the lamb/
snatched ya boy up outta hell/ and got working for his plans/ Used think Ik was the man/til I met em/ all that arrogance and pride I dead em and fo'get em/ Imma SAINT!

. . .

Yeah she may look gritty
When her man come back she gone look so pretty - She the Church
You might see her acting crazy, be patient with her tho cause she still God's baby - She the Church
Before you dis her get to know her, Jesus got a thing fo her and He died just to show her - She the Church
She ain't bricks and buildings
She all of God's people Men women and children - We the church

She's a building of beings being constructed
Christ is the cornerstone, foundation build on another and you's a goner holmes
She' built on em, supported by him, conformed to him, now she's a body of bodies who transform through him
A temple that breathes we are the halls,
we are the floor board or more we are the walls
Manifold wisdom of God no longer a mystery
The church pinnacle of our salvific history
One flesh union homie
The Tri-union is glorified through our corporatized communion
Still the present reality is she was born a casualty though she's made alive
She's still affected by depravity
Once lived in sin and enslaved by her lust and
folks catch her slippin and they turn away disgusted
She's a work in progress Christ is the head of her
And He wash her clean with the words that he done said to her
She's already pretty but she's really not dressed and sometimes she look silly but she's far from a mess
Yes, please so don't be dissin cause Jesus done paid grip an
And if you didn't then should caller her Misses. I'm talking bout the church

Her name is ecclesia meaning the assembly
Bows to the Trinity No other Divinity
A body family and community she is all one
but on earth you see her in congregational small ones
a microcosm or a small scale example
but it is the church even though its just a sample
Invisible spiritual
physical visible
not a brick temple never that simple
this a not a building
she is not bricks
she's a world changer but ain't bout getting rich
perpetrating fakes cause a lot of folks to hate
plus her hands get dirty and her feet get scraped
and sometimes her body parts start acting outta place
legs tryna be arms
arms thinking they the face
but she'll never be replaced with a one man band or a small Taliban with no body in command

Some don't get it so they hate
they say she's on a paper chase they say she's really fake
So they go start a ministry so they can do the work
but they don't understand how Jesus feel about His church
and yeah they make disciples
they got plenty conversions
they take care of the widows and the orphans they be workin
But none of them are churchin
no church structure
no elders and no discipline
they have no conductor
and they so they don't submit
but quite a few of them baptize
people how I pray that you'd look at this thing from God's eyes
take responsibility inside the whole council not just the area where you might have a mouthful
who should folks submit to
who will conduct the discipline
if excommunicated what body will they be missing then
look at Ephesians 4 where Paul gets practical
1st timothy and Titus if you thinking I'm irrational

. . .

Carlos was born a killer Cali was walkin' down an alley
He caught a bullet in his head that left him bleeding badly
He lost everything in that moment except for his life
He lost his hearing, lost his movement, even lost his sight
He laid there in a coma, but ain't nobody cared
The gospel preached in his hood nobody dared
But 'los got up outta that coma and was able to hear
A missionary share that Gospel to his open ears
He got saved, got trained, got discipled
Back to the hood you could hear him preachin' the Bible
He led a homey to Christ that's from the same hood
Part of a church plant come on now ain't His name good
This a blessin' that I'm stressin' but this is not the norm
We need leaders and believers to help carry it on
But who will minister in this sinister part of town
I pray that Jesus is callin' you and that you would be found

And walk with those beautiful feet
You hold the Truth and shine through the world
They can't believe in something they ain't never heard

Eric used to go to Bible study as a kid
He got old and started doing what the hood did
A rival gang caught him slippin' tried to take his life
But then the gun jammed so they caught him tryin to beat him nice
Woke up in the hospital singin' Bible songs
Praise God he had a place to learn the Bible from
But then he got saved, he wanna preach Christ
They make him change his culture his whole way of life
He gotta get him a bachelor's wear him a suit and tie
Go to seminary or all his boys will die
Jesus came to invade culture outta Nazareth and he used a couple fisherman that people saw as hazardous
The feet are beautiful if only they'd go
Ain't nobody in the hood preachin how will they know?
See Eric is better usin the truths in the context
Somebody please plant a church in his projects


In Luke 4:16 I'm down to 21 Jesus the Messiah says he's the chosen one
But more than that he quotes Isaiah to show that our savior targets the oppressed kept the blinds and the broken Im saying
He had a heart for the poor he had a heart for the low
And 1 John 2:6 is the way that it should go

In Deuteronomy even though they're under the law
That ties up every third year to get 'em all
And I'm not saying that you wrong if you live in the 'burbs
I'm saying turn your attention to the hoods we hurtin'
Man if you ain't burdened please pick up your Word and know that this world is going down while we here we can serve Him

We take this to the streets because we know the streets
I pray them all would be burdened to have beautiful feet
You never knew the streets but the Truth is what you preach
I pray to God you would be burdened to have beautiful feet


. . .

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