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Langhorne Slim

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Langhorne Slim Lyrics

"And If It's True" lyrics

I was alone
Alone as can be
I was alone
But I was not lonely

And if its true
Mama, what you got to say to me?
Girl, if it is true
Well now I’m about to set ya free.

How long you been spitting them lies?
I know it’s hard to
I suspect that you had it twice

I was alone when I heard a knock upon my door
Girl, it was a ringing from my phone
I knew it was you, coming back for more

Girl, if it is true
Mama, what you go to say to me
Said if it is true
Well now I’m about to set ya free

I have not been smitten
Since the day you left
Well them love letters you have written
They scare me half to death.

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