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Kite Flying Society

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Kite Flying Society Lyrics

"Groundflower" lyrics

Groundflower, blinking like a north star, today's the day of your reckoning
Too soon greeted by the pale moon, you're taking it in from the porchswing.
Time melts, didn't know I had my breath held, lining up 8 to a side.
Fuse lit, watching all the kids split, didn't get to see it but I heard the crowd sigh.

And they go oooh….oooh…Excuse myself to the fourth of July

Pretending the whole world's watching as you burst into the night
No more existence but for the street top ashes and the smoke in our eyes
For just one moment (oh oh oh) you and I collided and the night breathed my name
It came in disguise - as the groundflower dies.

Night friend by morning they were all dead, easily lost in the wonder.
Instead you're twisting like a top spin and looking for sparks in the gutter.
Ears still ringing from music they were bringing now the street's feeling like a tomb.
I never felt more like a groundflower giving off a light then sink into that unknown bloom, and we go oooh…oooh…Excuse myself to the fourth of July

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