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Kilo Ali

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Kilo Ali Lyrics

"Lost Y'all Mind" lyrics

Lost Y'all Mind
Some uh y'all lost y'all mind
(Oh Lord)
Some uh y'all lost y'all mind
(Oh God)
And it made me cry, cry, cry

Alright, once again it's me
Kilo-Ali with positivity
?? so you got to hustle
Drug dealers ain't nothin but trouble
Do the crime, you gotta pay the price
What you gonna tell Jesus Christ
He don't smoke, and he don't get high
Where a kid go after they die
Cause it's a sin to sell
Brother you can go to jail, you can go to hell
What about a brother be thinking he a pimp though
When he calls his mother a trick hoe
Or his cousin, or his sister, or his auntie
Boy, you better learn to love the ladies
I think your slippin
But you think your pimp, pimp, pimpin
For a nickle and a dime, some uh y'all lost y'all mind(2x)

Chorus (4x)

Since i made White Horse
they think I hate white folks
Oh man thats gotta be a white joke
It ain't what I done to my country
It's what my country's done to me
Red, white and blue the flag again
I'll burn it, black American
I gotta stand up for myself
Brother give me freedom or give me death
When I rap for the blacks
White folks don't like to hear me talk like that
white cop will lock me up faster
He'll be lookin for a master,
And I'm looking for a brother
He called me a black mother fucker (sigh)
So I looked him in his eyes
And he made me cry, cry, cry
I know you gotta make you a livin
But why you gotta hurt my feelings
For a nickle and a dime
Some uh y'all lost y'all mind (2x)

Chorus (4x)

See the world is a zoo
And if you live in the world i'm talking about you
You try to touch somebody's hand
Make this world a better place
if you can
See, all we need to do is keep the love in our hearts
We all survive
Without God we have nothing
But with God we have everything
Yes, that's why I always say
I say....

Money and clothes
and beamers and bowes
I'd rather go to heaven then any of those (5x)

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