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Kilo Ali

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Kilo Ali Lyrics

"Baby, Baby" lyrics

well lemme love in the room and sit and stare at the wall
brotha cant find no lovin ya'll
im gonna find ya girl someway somehow
i need you right now
searched the world but couldn't find that feelin
cuz your love is one in a million
cuz i like the way you touch me
and i like the way you fuck me
and really make it worth my while
i said "woof woof woof woof" doggie style
cuz your on my mind, on my thoughts
let me see your body talk
i'm makin love on a whole nother level
have you ever danced with the devil?
when i'm around you i feel like this
a kiss is just a kiss

baby baby
ohhh work it on me
baby baby
i need your L-O-V-E
baby baby
baba baba
baby baby
and i want you to know that

some other niggas talk shit
i wish them folks get up off the dick
cuz they try me, and they push me
i'm fuckin these niggas like pussy
but a nigga ain't gay
i said ooh ooh it's your birthday
same hoe talkin bout i'm a busta
yeah, i fucked her
i rocked her world
said she used to be, used to be my girl
for just one night
said that face was tiiight
she said i think i'm stevie wonder
well, i'd like to thank ya momma
when i'm around you i feel like this
a kiss is just a kiss


well you can blame it on the lover in me
the heavyweight, cut up champion ALIII
in the hood i'm a menace
hold on, sit down, lemme talk, lemme finish
i get that ass
keep the camera rollin, im kinda fast
get all the girls
and i shock the world
why did humpty dumpty have to fall
cuz he was freakin off the wall
it be like that
when you be tryin to break that back
i give my number to the ladies
cuz i would love to love ya baby
when i'm around you i feel like this
a kiss is just a kiss


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