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Kid Koala

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Kid Koala Lyrics

"Scurvy" lyrics

...'s the one thing I do on the ... stress upon you, and that is: play with records. Get your favorite records, put 'em on the machine, and play with records. feel good.

...Their fingers itched for their curious profession. They hungered to ply their wicked trade.

- know, it's hard to -- we didn't have anything to record with, so I had to remember 'em all.

What were the main items that you used to make these sound effects?
- We used a rock, a stick, I used to kick my foot in a river to make a sound of a... a flushing noise, and then I would, uh... uh, I would take, uh, skins, of course, and I would, uh, rap on bald guys' heads...

Do you know what that was?
- I think that is a... uh, an insane man pulling the hair out of a baboon's back.
No, that was a blender. I know you didn't have blenders, either, back in those days.
- No, no, we didn't, but we did drink.

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