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k.d. lang
k.d. lang

Background information
Birth name Kathryn Dawn Lang
Born November 2, 1961
Origin Consort, Alberta, Canada
Genre(s) Country
Years active 1984—present
Label(s) Elektra Records
Warner Bros. Records
Nonesuch Records
Sire Records
Bumstead Records
Website Website

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k.d. lang Lyrics

"Turn Me Round" lyrics

(Ben Mink)

Last night I heard 
A ruckus down the road 
No time to lose and so away I go 
I saw the lights 
At the junction... 
Pulled in my wheel 
And checked the show 

(Turn me round) 
(They're) Dancin' round, round, round 
(Turn me round) 
Square dancin' round, round, round 
And down and round 
(Turn me round) 
They're dancin' round, round, round 
(Turn me, turn me, turn me) 
They're dancin' round 
(Turn me, turn me, turn me) 

I couldn't believe it 
So I circled back and then 
Cooled up my engine 
And I walked right in 
Allemande left and rip it on up 
And circle back and go 
It was a square dance 
Like a rockin' rodeo 

Wait up, little boy! 

Take it home, partner 
Tears it on up and do-se-do 
Don't you let go 
Just reel and reel and reel 
And rock it all over and back 
Now circle left, then circle right...on back 
Take it from the top 
And tear it on up 
And never let her go 
Just dance a little longer 

I danced and partied 
Till my feet went through the floor 
I swung my partner 
Till I couldn't stand no more 
Allemande left and circle back 
Circle round and then 
We rocked and rolled around 
And did it again

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