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Kathryn Williams

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Kathryn Williams Lyrics

"Just Like A Birthday" lyrics

Watching cartoons turning their bodies inside out
With a whack of a hammer I'm feeling you lemsips
For three days your body has hidden
For three days your brain has been switched off
It's just a cold and we're just in love and I'll
Remember this just like a birthday

The bird cage has left its door on the latch
The bird could fly
Whether it wants to is another cage
The cage that we're happy with
Like a light show the left to the right
Of car lights on the ceiling
It's just a cold
And we're just in love
And I'll remember this just like a birthday

It's a scandal I'm here lots of glasses on walls
In the dark the bird shit smells worse
And I'll remember this
Just like a birthday

It's just a cold

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