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Karen Clark-Sheard

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Karen Clark-Sheard Lyrics

"You Loved Me" lyrics

You love me
Especially different
You keep me on my feet
Happily excited

You love me
Everytime I awake
You love
Thank You for loving me Jesus

You love me
Especially different
Everytime You keep me on my feet
Happily excited

Your touch, Your hand
Your style, Your intelligence
You kept me
No, no, no never left me

You caught me
You taught me
Give me some things to think about

Your not alone
I'll hold your hand
I'll help you
To understand
Can't nobody
Nobody love you
Like I can
I'll step in
Right on
Right on time
I'm with you
Always, always
On time
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
Oh nobody
Can touch you
Like I

The Lord has been kind
Been so wonderful
He is so awesome

God has blessed me always

Oh I thank You Lord for all the things You've done for me
Oh I thank Your for being my healing, my protector
Lord I thank You for being my father, my mother


You loved me
Especially different
You keep me
On my feet
Happily excited loved me

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