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Jurassic 5

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Jurassic 5 Lyrics

"One Of Them" lyrics

Yo, Your image deceives what your people perceive
Some people believe what the media feeds
That try to bark hollow
Pretend to be harsh fellows
But be yellow and softer than marshmallows

“Homo I’m gonna hurt ya feelings
Name brand talker pretty ass earrings
Where’r all your women I ain’t seen you with one
The only bitch that ever loved you gotta call you her son”
Yea you that nigger
Choch ass nigger
No heart
Won’t even approach us nigger
So you be humble man,
Stay in your place
We’re the niggers that rumble and get in your face

O you one of them niggers

Concerned with lookin’ cute
Nails done, eyes plucked
Homey, what the fuck?
I mean really whassup
Help a brother understand
How self-admiration takes the soul of a man
Damn, vain ass, plain ass, nothing ass niggers
Get your punk ass out the goddamn mirror

O you one of them niggers

Uh Mr. Know-It-All,
Flossie floss,
All talk
Head Mr. A&R
We ain’t hard, who the fuck said we was?
You never heard us holler “Cripp or Blood or I’m a thug”

You wanna rhyme like that?
You won’t get signed like that
Ya’ll need the R&B track
Or call some sister “sluts”
Tell them “Back that thang up”
Cuz only real niggers spit game that much

Right up the back
What you speak is contrived
Its like you’re cloaked in a Pinocchio vibe
And when you lie
You play with the dream
You make it decay at the seams
You can fix it
If you say what you mean

Pick and choose who you beef with
Leap froggy, Show me how real you keep it
And know that you pussy all underneath it
Now it’s time for the 5 to expose your secret

No time for idle chattin’
Folks say what’s happening
‘Til we go platinum
House in the Hamptons
Bank account large
Give shatan my cold regards
There’s a killer at large
And he murders his team ?
Cuz he strips black teens of ALL their dreams

Yea what you trying to prove
Keep your gangster where I’m from
Means the G’s move
Now everybody wanna pop that shit
Walk like a Crip
What part of the game is this?
Don’t be caught up the twist of some Gang bang shit
But then you probably would
Fascinated with the hood

Man enough is enough
I know that you’re ghetto
But love you tough?
Your possie is deep
And when you speak it’s fuck the police
Am I to believe is that the way you really would be
If only we see what there is no cameras allowed
And your bodyguard didn’t have to hold your hand through the crowd

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