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Julie Ruin

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Julie Ruin Lyrics

"Apt. Number 5" lyrics

you can tell yourself you're the one who tried
you can tell your friends how many times i made you cry
you can tell anyone anything you want
but if you're gonna talk about how i deserved what you did
you can look now cause i'm gone
i'm gone
i'm might be a lot of things
and yeah it's right i'm not always truthful
but it's a matter of fact that i'm happy being me
and i don't wanna be you
it's not good enough
anything i say
i don't give a fuck what you think anymore anyway
things you've said are taking their fucking toll
eroded my confidence and almost took my soul
and why you list all the reasons
why i deserve what i get
you'll have to watch me as i go
here i go

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