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Judge Lyrics

"Take Me Away" lyrics

I was thinking of it all
the times i've been through
why didn't i fall?
i was believing it was my luck
disbelieving in what i couldn't touch
was i looking for the answers
so i can save the truth?
not trying to get wise
so i can get over on a fool
take me away!
i've been around
and i've seen enough
the poorest of the poor
the weak and the tough
they say not to question
but i gotta ask why
i can still remember
the last time i cried
can you take me away?
i saw all the good
get caught in a rage
it left me down-i'm down
it left me down and confused
i faced odds so strong
that i used both fists
now i'm asking
can you help me?
can you help me stay clean?-help me
because what's my protection
if i give up my fists?
when it hurts
will you ease the pain?
why am i under observation?
i thought your love was for free

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