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Johnny Marr And The Healers

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Johnny Marr And The Healers Lyrics

"Another Day" lyrics

I'll say it
For all the world to know it
I'm strayin'
Chasing all these miles to nowhere
I'll say it
Fair enough, and you know it
But now that you know it
You've got to show it
I was there
Maybe you know
When no one was looking
And you felt it
In the air when it blows
And the sun was glowing
Feel it, it's always there
When there's nowhere to go
Now that you know it
You've got to show it
Pretend then
Pretend that you know me
All the way
Ah, but you heard me
Always, pretend that you know
Take me over 'til there's nothing left
And there's nowhere to go
We'll have to remember this on another day

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