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Jill Scott

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Jill Scott Lyrics

"Can't Explain (42nd Street Happenstance)" lyrics

I'm truly sorry baby for what I did to you
While you were busy loving me, I was busy too
I played you dirty boy, did some things I shouldn't do
while you were only trying to treat me food
I was playing… damn

I can't even begin to explain
I'm truly sorry boy
Believe me I had my turn
The next time love came along yeah it was me who burned.
Sad and desperate I cried wondering why ask God why
He would do this to me so damn easy
Well karmas real and now I really do understand
what you give is what you get, universal plan
Paid my price and looked at my life
and finally I'm loving somebody righteously
What goes around comes around really do
Really does come back around
And I'm sorry for what I didn't to you
You didn't deserve what I gave you but I gave it to you
I hope your okay
I hope your loving

Well baby just because you lived and lost don't mean stop loving
If you have a nightmare, do you stop dreaming?
Don't give up on love because what I did to you
I hope your okay

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