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Jens Lekman
Jens Lekman

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Jens Lekman Lyrics

"Boisa-Bis-o-Boisa" lyrics


Spider baby see the daylight burst
cry mommy as they rehearsed
nice spiders always finish last
spider baby's having mommy for breakfast

I played the piano for them
I've written a piece for them
called spider symphony number 10
the spider ain't my friend


So I walk out, out in the night
I love the nature, nature's always right
it tells me not, not to fight
nature and justice just ain't that tight

so I killed the hostage
I define what the concept of trust is
maybe it's the opposite to what lust is
maybe it's just this that can make me a nihilist


In a clearing I sit down on the grass
waited till midnight for the after midnight jazz
coming from the crickets and the instruments
the time, the sound and the sentiment
of the trees in the summer
why make me dumber
somehow I forgot your number
fall into a deep deep slumber

and I slept for 1,000 years
and I cried 1,000 tears

and I slept for 1,000 years


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