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Jemini Lyrics

"The Only One" lyrics

"Never gonna find another man like that"
Je-Je-Je-Je-Je, Jemini
"Never gonna find another man like that"
Danger Mouse

I wanna hear a little more (yes y'all)
Up in the facility
Instead of niggaz ice-grillin' me
When they really be, feeling me
Lyrically it's just a facade
To hide their inabilities
And their insecurities
Picture me, giving a damn
I've been in the joint
Pitting lyrics written with pistols with venomous points
I explode through the whole first step be murder on the sole of my kicks
Spittin while I'm holding my dick
In the, circle of squares
This area here
Is something you don't wanna fuck around with
Check the shit


My vocal presentation intrude the subliminal
Included with vitamins for your psyche plus minerals
Now who be the general
The principle character
To, carry the art like the flag of America
What, over the barriers
Plus, have a little bit of "Something for the people"
I got a little bit of, something for you, it's lyrical too
Get up in the, middle of you, like miracles do
Help you grow in your mental and your spiritual too
Help your hearing and your visual too
Tell 'em Jemini said it
I come to set it, break it down in phonetics
Dip it in egg whites and bread it
And serve it up hot
When I'm up in your spot
Like a tasty, pastry treat
I'm in the place to be
Jemini and his friend
D, A, N, G, E, R, M-O-U, S, E


Y'all about hoodies and jerseys with fitteds
And copy gear quick to seen a rap cat with it
I'm about, fashion innovation
Funk soul sensation is the name
Jemini Smith they say you playin'
And you and I both know it's a shame I gotta lead
'Cos others choose to follow
That's a hard pill to swallow for some
I ain't tryin' to be a role model
But some of y'all need

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