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Jedd Hughes

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Jedd Hughes Lyrics

"All Mixed Up" lyrics

Written by Jedd Hughes, Terry McBride and Bruce Robison

Leave it to me
Turnin' nothin' into somethin'
Nothin's workin' out just fine
More than a dream
I'm thinkin' things I shouldn't
Knowin' that you'd never be mine

Oh, I'm a fool
For fallin' for your kisses
And losin' at your little lovin' games
Ah ooh, I didn't see it comin
I guess I let my heart get in the way
Talk of the town
Foolin' around
For you I guess it wasn't enough
Oh, I wasn't thinkin'
I got it all mixed up with love

Alone in the night
I hear the wind a singin'
Ringin' out the sound of your name
I know you were right
Our hearts were made for breakin'
Now the price of love is feelin' the pain

Repeat chorus twice

Oh, I wasn't thinkin'

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