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Background information
Origin United Kingdom
Genre(s) Disco
Acid Jazz
Years active 1992—present
Label(s) Universal
Columbia Records
Sony Music
Associated acts Guru
The Brand New Heavies
Julian Perretta
Website Website
Jay Kay
Derrick McKenzie
Rob Harris
Paul Turner
Matt Johnson
Sola Akingbola
Lorraine McIntosh
Hazel Fernandez
Valerie Etienne
Former members
Gavin Dodds
Johnny Thirkell
Gary Barnacle
Simon Katz
Nick Fyffe
Stuart Zender
Simon Carter
Toby Smith
Mike Smith
Nick Van Gelder
DJ D-Zire
Winston Rollins
Adrian Revell
Howard Anderson
Wallis Buchanan
Martin Shaw
Sam Smith
Nathan Haines
Maurizio Ravalico
William Fry

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Jamiroquai Lyrics

"Dynamite" lyrics

Doobie doobie doo (4x)

Wiling tonight, Wiling tonight, ain't it cool
Rolling in hot, rolling in hot, ain't it cool
She's looking hot, she's looking hot, in the breeze
Flashing those eyes, strutting her stuff, shoe by sheen

(Baby wants to bounce) Well you sure got the luck
That the good things turn to free
Baby, I'm not expensive
But tonight, you've taken me
Sure got the luck, when your riding next to me
Dynamite, Dynamite
Sure got the luck, got to give you all my hugging
Cause I got eyes on digging you, cause you got the look
Riding the night, cause you know she got it right
Dynamite, Dynamite

Darling, stepping next to me
Through this ecstasy
And I want to be

Riding the night, riding the night, ain't it cool
Running the night, running the night, she's no fool
(Turn the lights off)
Rolling in hot, rolling in hot, that's her thing
Rally the night, she's cold as ice, once she stain


You know, baby, you've got that Dynamite baby (2x)


Dynamite, Dynamite
Under the moon as we slip in the center streets
Dynamite, Dynamite
Dynamite love

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