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Jamelia Lyrics

"Antidote" lyrics


If you ever feel like you need,
Someone to be your antidote to lonely,
I'll be quicker than you'd imagine me,
Let me deal wid lonely.

[Verse 1]

Oh lonely don't love you, baby but I do,
Lonely don't want to make you feel good,
Not in the way you know I would,
You don't have to entertain lonely,
It's getting what it wants when you're not with me,
Never let that lonely capture you,
Always know that I'm here for you.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]

Lonely don't want you happy,
Lonely don't want you next to me,
Lonely doesn't wanna make a compromise,
Lonelys' never gonna apologise.

For getting you down, for letting you down,
I could never be like lonely now,
I care too much for my baby,
Never forget that you can call on me.

[Chorus x2]

[Middle Eight]

It could be me and you, we can do whatever,
Leave lonely out in the cold,
We can just love, love, love,
It could be so full on, everything we want,
Close the door on lonely,
We can just love love, love, cos ...

[Chorus x2]

[Ad lib]

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