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J Mascis
J Mascis

Background information
Birth name Joseph Donald Mascis
Born December 10, 1965
Origin Amherst, Massachusetts, United States
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Doom Metal
Hardcore Punk
Years active 1982—present
Label(s) Sub Pop
Associated acts Witch
Upsidedown Cross
Dinosaur Jr.
J Mascis and the Fog
Sweet Apple
Website Website

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J Mascis Lyrics

"Can I" lyrics

Again I'm lonely lonely lonely all the time
Can I feel the way but there's no peace to find
Can the way it looks be all it really means?
Can you take a step towards something we can build?

Can I go back?
Can I go instead in some place we can hide?
Can I go to sleep?
Is there a dream where I could find out what's inside?

Lots of time we spent in places we can't go
'Cause you walked with me still I don't really know
If it's time to waste then time something to do
But it's all been wasted not thinking of you
Or can I be the time?
Can I free the one who always know it's a sign?
Can I work it through?
Can I tip-toe the way I wanna do

I've been lost and lonely, still I made it through
If I lose again then there's nothing to do
If to pardon me you mean you wait and see
'Cause the waiting is what brings me to my knees

Can I be a part?
Tell me where to start and where to go away
If I had a home
Is it everything you need to make you stay

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