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Izzy Stradlin

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Izzy Stradlin Lyrics

"Highway Zero" lyrics

Psychobilly kid
Saw a runnin' on a motorbike
Running from law
Trying to get himself free
Running like a dog
But you know they're
Gonna real 'em in
Gonna take him out
Gonna take 'em real free

Pretty deal in the back
It was burning took center
Move quick gotta
Head start run from the police
Ya know they, run 'em down
If they get a chance big deal
Another dead man runnin'
Gonna take 'em outta here
Another Highway Zero
Always making time
For the tijuana border man
Never gonna pass
'cause they radio
Shoot 'em off the back
If they give 'em even
Half a chance
Shoot 'em like dog
They don't fuck around
There 'cause
Bigger deal in the back
It was burning got setup
And, 'bout time in the Highway Zero
Fed up
Going balls out for the last time
Might just
Might die tryin'
Rather go out
In a bonafide raid

Highway Zero, Highway Zero
Higway Zero

born in 29
And he just passed oceanside
Copters up above
Television on
Cut off by a truck
Took 'em out like a homicide
Peedin' on the Highway Zero, yeah

bigger deal in the back
It was burning got setup
And he, tried to run
But he only gotta run down zero
You know they
Run him down if they get a chance
Big deal
Another dead man running
Somebody took him out, hell
Another Highway Zero

Highway zero

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