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Inspectah Deck

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Inspectah Deck Lyrics

"Do My Thang" lyrics

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Psycho LES, what's good?
It's like my nigga Dirty would say
"Come on, baby baby, come on, baby baby, come onnnnnnnnnn"

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
I make shots ring, watch poppa swing
I said I shine in the mind, plus the watch and ring
I get down, when I do my thing
I get down, when I do my thing
Little hot thing, wanna rock the king
So I put the stroke through her, and broke the box spring
I don't play, when I do my thing
I don't play, when I do my thing

[Inspectah Deck:]
Who the block king, nuff rocks and things
Any spot that I pop, cause tops to spin
Any spot that I rock, got a pop for grin
For my thugs thats locked in the box and bing
I rip the roof off, this dude's the boss
To start a war, we can fly and catch my music off
I said I'm like Skywalker, when I use the force
Got a broad on my side when I cruise my porsche
Cross state line, all drapped in shine
I make minds with the tape, or the cakes or pies
Shopping fives on you mami, how you shake your thighs
Girl you fronting, you ain't cutting, why you waste your time?
I hit the Power-U, for bout an hour or two
Girl you treat me like a champ, bow down to you
I said you treat me like a champ, like you now my boo
Smash it, no attachments, is how I do


[Inspectah Deck:]
Now watch Deck go, rep sets for dough
I spend time with a dime, I don't sweat no ho
Son shine with the rhyme, yeah, Deck's a pro
And since I lived the wild life, yeah, checks'll blow
Come and test I, many heads'll fly
I said enough men'll die and the best'll try
Any bets on the side, that's a bet for I
Pep step with a glide and I rep my side
Get your bounce on, we be out til dawn
And I'mma bounce with a tall chick around my arm
In the porsche, wicking off with an ounce of charm
You were try'nna play that wall shit, you now went wrong
Poppa got this, go pop your Cryst'
I said, even super thug gotta rock to this
She was creeping through the club, I spot ya miss
Is you dancing to the song, or is you riding the (riding the)


[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
Just do your thing..
New York niggaz do your thing..
Out of town niggaz do your thing..
Over seas niggaz do your thing..
Yeah, we in the place..
Unda Dogz, UD'z, Urban Icon..
You dig?

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