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Inspectah Deck

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Inspectah Deck Album

The Movement (06/10/2003)
Shorty Right There (feat. Streetlife)
Framed (feat. Kool G Rap & Killa Sin)
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[No lyrics]

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[Intro: Inspectah Deck (sample)]
(Everybody on the grind, son) 8 million stories in the naked city
(Everybody trying to eat) (It's always gonna be a struggle, in this hustle)
This is just one (Trying to bubble, trying to live this) Realize..

[Inspectah Deck]
We dance with the wolves, wrestle with the pitbulls
For fistfuls of dollars and cents, we empty pistols
Plotting out elaborate scams to get our hands on some
Lofts of land or maybe, thoughts of plans and they be
Forcing my hand to make me, off this man
I never claimed killer, I came iller stayed realer
Our chance grows, traveled the globe, fans applauded
But my heart still roaming the streets, they still calling
Boat names with cocaine dreams screaming "I own the game!"
I'm so stained Novacaine doesn't slow the pain
Lost so many I don't fear death, no tears left
Numbers of my years left, blessed to be here left
When they said "At fifteen he'll be already dead"
I'm here heavy head steady sipping Rémy Red
Wild fellow trying to keep my mind settled
Child of the ghetto, survived where nines echo

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
I'm just a city guy living fly getting high
Live it till I die getting by, whipping by
Stand solidified big times to different sides
Here's your ticket right, follow if you feel my vibe... (My vibe)

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, we caped up, ten in the lab, weapons to blast
One with the city, fight for sections of land
Can't sleep till the check's in my hand
It's still a hustle, bare knuckle grind knee deep inside the struggle
I don't give a fuck about much but my beloved and such
'Cause nobody to trust but us
It's New York life, walk like what you talk like
Or you might get tossed right off the ninth floor
Every day is war, rhoaming through the wasteland
Focused, trying to make grands
Hammers poaking out the waistband
In this cash race, they can't stand the pace
I plan to make millions and marinate
Across town my Fam is straight
Cash rules, so naturally it had me
The temptress teasing me, I lust badly
She said "You want professional and records sold? Let it go"
And I replied "This is the only life I'll ever know..."

[Hook: Inspectah Deck]
(It's the only life I'll ever know... You know?)
I trust, in no one but us
Trust, in no one but us
Trust, in no one but us

[Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, years later, hey I made it, no explaining how
Walking forward through the fire while it rain down
We claim Sex & Slang and aim weapons
But still trying to live the +Good Times+ like James Evans
And, we'll stick you for your shine
(Hustle) Nickel for a dime
(Trouble) This you're gonna find
(Muscle) If you wanna grind
(Struggle) Digits on the mind
(Couple) Figures for the crime
(Scuffle) Fists or with the nine
(Bubble) Living on the line (The line, the line...)


. . .

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Wu, Shaolin, yeah, yeah
Lets stand up y'all
What up, we on the rise
10304 types
Move with The Movement
Its like Roy Jones said
What's that son
Y'all must of forgot or sutten word

[Inspectah Deck]
We love fast cash, trickin' on a few girls
Spazzin' like the yellow cab, through the new world
I walk slow, slaughter order like new kicks
On some Wu shit, two chicks shootin' my flicks
Might creep through ya town all wrong
Half a bone, twenty inch chrome
Illuminatin' off ya dome
Like OT status, the one to get at
Never sweat that, I'm focused at the X on the map
Treasure chest stash, the guest house attached
Forty acres and a mule with the sawed off gat
Fuck the media hype, I'm into Stereotype
Name ya price, then let me get my hand on the dice
All my life, nine out of ten involved in the heist
Only for ayallytes with the target sliced
Now the parasite blined by your neon light
Tryna eat right so maybe I can sleep nights, yo see

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
Heads get ripe off-a this
Thug all night off-a this
Ladies fight off-a this
This is That Shit
The Projects flip off-a this
The trees get lent off-a this
Crash your whip off-a this
Cuz this is That Shit

[Inspectah Deck]
Yeah yeah, niggaz stay showin' they teeth, knowin' they weak
We supply you with the fire son, cope with the heat
Roamin' the streets, slowin' the Jeeps, ownin' the beat
No sleep, chasin' papers, stay focused, it's deep
Keep an eye on boy, he gonna rise like the crime rate
Vibrate the tristate, I make ya jaw aque
Been around the world, put a house on the hill
But still greasy like the corner store grill
We roll like Vegas dice, pay the price
Watch me roll straight strikes in this game of life
See me, yankee hats, John John, blue boots on
Movin' in the Ucon, schoolin' all the new borns
Mommy get ya groove on, ya bustin' out ya outfit
Lovin' how ya move on the floor, baby bounce it
Big boys step through, they all step aside
They all mesmurised man, y'all recognise


[Inspectah Deck]
Heads get ripe off-a this
Some will bite this, Rebel INS your highness
Screamin' high pitched, survivalist you bare a likeness
In the pits where it's high risk, I work the Nightshift
Like this, like that, put pressure on rap
Cheques stack, watch a sex trap
Shorty through an X in my 'yac
Caddy stretched black, don't question the fact
I lay my head back, spazzin' off a new Meth track
Count weed, bag green, blue, purple and brown
Crown King with my down Queen lurkin' the town
Circle round, get a glimpse of the kid gettin' big
Feel that, I peel back, heavy into ya wig
For the fugitives and big timers throwin' bricks
Plus the plot thugs locked up proven to this
Son hit it like Arabs, the world don't curb haters
Don't quit ya day job, ya girl know the words


. . .

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
Get money, get fly, get busy, get live
Get over, get by, get women, get high
Get right!

[Inspectah Deck]
Think you can stop us, really? Ya'll niggaz got to feel me
Peel out Suzuki's, make those Kawasaki's pop a wheelie
Cuz only I could hold me, V.S.O.P. control me
Better watch those rollies, yo, we crash spots, warn the police
You think you know me, cool as Coolie High, co-chief
Roamin' the streets, black like no justice and no peace
Keepin' the pace, not gon' lose my place, in this paper chase
Smell this pie we bake, make your plate, take a taste
Make no mistakes, though, some toes gettin' stepped on
My name is tephlon, hook 'em like it's methadone
Whenever the record's on, set the bomb, test my arm
I'm never alarmed, the best are harmed when the pressure's on
Back on the block, pull up on the spot, drunk's pop
Once a drop, echoin' through ghettoes like gun shots
Pull out that twenty spot, what we got's above hot
Killa Beez, we run shop, runnin' from the top, it goes


[Inspectah Deck]
Listen, baby, work your dance, to this verse I chant
Victim of my circumstance, get at me, first chance
Bet it's a short deal, good, how ya'll feel
Ditech, it's all wheel, gonna make 'em all kneel
Givin' the play, million shipped today, who got shit to say?
Poured it in Broadway, check me out in the big display
That's overlookin', Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn
Staten, Manhattan, wherever there's a hood in
I dig my foot in, men of honor like I'm Cuba Gooding
You was bookin' when they jumped off, but who was lookin'
Via satellite, I broadcast the fast light
That's right, pass the mic, load me up, I'll crash it tight
When in the zone, I lose it, I'll put them blown in fuses
There's no explainin', no escapin' and no excuses
Move if you true, the kid is due, let my niggaz through
Gettin' physical and the streets continue to


[Bridge: Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, yeah
Ya'll, and that's right ya'll
And we goin' no where, it's all night ya'll
I love my ladies with jeans that fit tight ya'll
For all my fellas on bikes with chrome pipes, ya'll
Ya'll from the north, west, south to the east side
We really don't mind, we rep each side
Haters get mad, they left outside
You feel what I feel, then come inside

[Inspectah Deck]
The eyes like David Caress, so check my following
Move with The Movement, that's your only option
My coalition, all in position on this mission
No quittin', slowly inchin' closer to this vision
Wont you listen, couldn't inflict your system with conviction
Stop your bitchin', hard times is all you're gettin'
See the fire in my eyes, desire in my vibes
Liar in disguise, never measure eye and eye
On any of us, what, bounce, before you get touched
The town's not big enough, give it up, get it shut
Down like Studio 54, you know that this be raw, you know that this be war
I'm ahead of the game, why lose, it's better to gain, no darts
Are ever the same, Deck's my name, I never changed
On the road to riches, out to foe the snitches
I roll wit chicks who pose for pictures, they rich and hold the figures


. . .

[Inspectah Deck]
Smooth like a green Caddy, ya fiend badly
Heads spin like Giovanni's on the Navi
Hammers spit, quick as the darts, niggaz part
Like the Red Sea, test me, I'm sick with the art
Been held back, it's either rap or sell smack
Black Knight like Martin Lawrence run tell that
It's the I-N-S-P-E-C-T-A-H
Livin' life on the line, I hope I see daybreak
This is ground level, rounds echo out the Special
Be easy, U.D.'s out to get you
Throw it in a mash (so fast)
Known to spaz (so as)
We like strippers makin' niggaz (throw cash)
Smoke the blue green (call it Joe Cash)
Fake thugs (hold ass)
You be the next rapper (callin' Onas)
Wanna measure my size? I rise above the norm
The urban icon ridin' on the eye of the storm, fool

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
All my people from the front to back
If you want it like that just.. MOVE!
Get ill, no time to chill
Yo, you feel what I feel then.. MOVE!
Girlfriend, you love how it sounds
Put ya drink down and.. MOVE!

[Inspectah Deck]
What ya do now, put ya loot down
You can bet it on the new sound
Heavy like a Hummer on deuce pounds
True hounds, on the loose in ya town
Bound to the move the crowd, it's The Movement (you down?)
Scream at the top of ya lungs
Pop one for Aaliyah, Left Eye, BIG, 'Pac and Pun
Ride with my shotgun, rock with son
Heads bop to the drums, still shocked and stunned
Comin' live y'all, gangsta like white walls
On the blue Snoop Deville, watch ya eyeballs
Blade stay choppin' the track, game top of the pack
I spit flames y'all acknowledge the fact
Find out Big Rug get it poppin' like that
Throw it down like Stackhouse, cockin' it back
So ladies? Is you wit me now? Don't fake down
Everybody brace yaselves, it's a shakedown


[Inspectah Deck]
I do this for dough, but it's really for love
Feel me, it's love for hot girls, willies and thugs
My groups cross seas, call us junglin' thugs
And it's sure to move ya feet like a gun in the club
I blaze like a ounce and a half, stay countin' the cash
For all lames that doubtin' my craft
He's no pretender, he won't surrender
(He's a rebel) Don't y'all remember?
A major player in the game
Play the frontline, ain't afraid to make a change
I stay way beyond range
So far from the norm my code name's Doc Strange
Now get down with the get down
Sendin' missles to all my dogs in the big house
Make 'em wig out, Spiderman still on the web
Log on like ya clickin' the mouse, yeah!


. . .

"He who write the songs.." [repeated throughout the intro]

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Festos (who got it, huh, who got it?)
Underdawgz in the building, U.D.'s (who got it, huh, who got it?)
Streetlife, Size/7, what, Johnny Blaze (who got it, huh, who got it?)
Yeah, what, it's a Shaolin thing y'all, get familiar

[Inspectah Deck]
Truth scholar, you holla up the few dollars
I work it overtime, whether white or blue collar
I prove my honor, cuz I been through the drama
Wu-Chronicles, and I continue the saga
Chart topper, rhyme tough as body armor
When I speak, I hold the globe like a Dhali Llama
The flow is aqua, pa, you swimmin' wit the known piranha
The soul father, get to know my whole persona
Like Shaquana, from Guyana, stay lace in cabana
For papa, she shake her tata's like maracas
Fiend for the block opera, your top sponsor
Got you locked in the scope of the rocket launcher
Stop your offers, cop mine, I drop it monster
Let the rhyme inside your mind like chocolate ganja, it's the worst

[Chorus: sampled singer (Inspectah Deck)]
He, who writes the songs, he, who writes the songs (who got it, huh, who got it?)
He, who writes the songs, he, who writes the songs (who got it, huh, who got it?)
He, who writes the songs, he, who writes the songs (who got it, huh, who got it?)
He, who writes the songs, he, who writes the songs, he..

[Inspectah Deck]
I supply the fire, let your headsets be the bomb
One song, give you pipe dreams like Cheech & Chong
Got dough, cop and go, all else breeze along
Be strong, the high last four weeks long
Get your eat on, she'll hold you til the fever is gone
Got you cold sweatin', and up creepin' til dawn
Wide eyed, off the side, no sleepin' on morn'
O.D.'ing, just the side effects, so, please be warned
Son, I raise your blood pressure like tight jeans and thongs
Guaranteed like throwin' the bomb to Keyshawn
Put your peeps on, I spice it up like Dijon
We be, ease to calm, to the streets we belong
Don't be alarmed, cuz indeed the heat is on
So hot, to touch me, you need tweezers and tongs
If I breathe on the mic, it's left weakened and torn
Til he gone, you'll be leanin' like your sneakers are worn, off the worst


[Inspectah Deck]
I got the works, like a Burger deluxe, you heard it was us
Got You All in Check like Dirty and Bust'
Play dirty and rough, remain thirsty for bucks
Seein' dollar signs like today's the first of the month
Dunn, it hurts when I touch, flames burst off the verses I bust
Some wanna scuff, but ain't worthy enough
What? I burn you up rookie, just hang your jersey up
I'm on the east side, workin' at a Mercury truck
Seen me servin' up the uncut, that certainly crush
Murderous, first to bust, expert in the clutch
That's my word up, loose links, lurk in the cut
On the re-up, be sure to catch a third degree rush
Here's your beat up, I keep the cut, verbally plush
Keep a burnin' Dutch, heat tucked and burgundy chucks
Won't you turn it up, them wit the girlies, they lust
It's the dopeman, my jams run your thirty and up, it's the worst


[sample to end]

. . .

(feat. DJ Kay Slay)

[Intro: DJ Kay Slay]
Yeah, this that brand new Rebel I.N.S., back on the set
This shit is off the dial, Shaolin Style, better hold on to something

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, S.I.N.Y. and what
Hit 'em high, hit 'em low, head or gut
Yes, us, Lexus and next trucks
Flesh plush, land plus, extras
Cess, dust, whatever get you messed up
Test us, get crushed, next up
Better luck, we takin' off with jet thrust
Under pressure, they can't take the head rush
Talk to me, go and take the walk through me
Or yours truly, will screw you like a tour groupie
War duty, after I'mma call Suzy
Tall cutie, she'll do me like a porn movie
I burn thousand degrees, nothin' match me
You think you out of my league, now how can that be?
Son, you follow my lead, playin' the back seat
Ya'll ride dicks like a taxi, it's like that
Here we go..

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
I roll fat, holdin' a stash (it's like that)
Home girl, blowin' my jack (like that)
We boys in the mist of the noise (it's like that)
We big boys whippin' them toys (like that)
We up late, runnin' from jake (like that)
And still got money to make (it's like that)
From now until we finish the game (like that)
The world gonna cherish the name (it's like that)

[Inspectah Deck]
Downtown blowin' my sound, blew out your Alpines
Feel me, I did it for dough, this ain't about rhymes
Cash on delivery, not leavin' without mines
Face tried to powder my shine, it's about time
To politic, poppin' the clip, bust off the hot shit
Holler this, monstrous hit, and stop ya gossip
I rep, what you expect, I took a set back
Crept back, nursin' my wounds, lookin' for get back
Forced to bring the pain, make 'em say my name
Rings have changed, shinin' like I'm Ving Rhames
Or King James, hustlin', I sling game
Sting lames, this money makin' things change
I bless heads, push past the full macs
Left for dead, raised by the wolf packs
Black hoods, leathers with the wool hats
Draw blood, don't even pull gats, it's like that

[Interlude: DJ Kay Slay]
Aiyo, ya'll better kick your shoes off
And come on in!


[Interlude: DJ Kay Slay]
Aiyo, this is all for my Metro card, one dollar cab niggaz
Niggaz who walk here, and all the ladies who stood on line in the rain
With the bouncers who let the thugs slide, come on, come on..

[Inspectah Deck]
The streets watch, ya'll gon get ya teeth knocked
The heats hot, bustin' til the beef stop
Preach not, our goal is to reach the top
Knees drop, I light it up and clean shop
Built with better design, clever mind
Verbal tech 9, light years, ahead of my time
And I, walk with, criminals who talk shit
We talk business, the blocks is our office
Many have come, few that could walk this
Roam too far, catch static like a cordless
I'm off this, pimpin' a broad, beyond gorgeous
Gettin' lost, dippin' in twin Porsches, it's like that

. . .

(feat. Street Life)

[Intro: Streetlife (Inspectah Deck)]
Yo, what's poppin' off out here son?
Yo, hold up, I think that's my baby mama on the phone
Damn, yo, hold on, yo hold on for a second
Yo, man, you see shorty right there (look at shorty right there)
Yo, I'mma call you back in a second, aight?

Yo, excuse me Miss Thang with your nose ring
The way your body swing, you make a nigga wanna sing
I can tell by the bling-bling, you like the finer things
And you highly motivated by what money brings
You got a dope fetish, attitude to go get it
A little athletic, no need for cosmetics
A little bowlegged, street smarts and good credit
You got the best part, that's why you actin' hard headed
It's a man's world, baby girl, don't forget it
But what's a thug without his ladybug, I must respect it
I know a woman's worth, ladies come first
I'm the Sun, you're the Earth, mother of the universe
I know what you like, you go for the street type
Who keep the g tight, and hit the G-spot right
I just might, call my wife
Tell her "Baby, I'm not comin' home tonight"

[Chorus: Streetlife (Inspectah Deck) {both}]
Damn (yo look at shorty right there) nah, look at shorty right there
{I need you in my life, girl, girl}
(Yo look at shorty right there) nah, look at shorty right there
(Look at shorty right there) damn
{In my life, my life}

[Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, checkin' baby girl with the wavy curls
Precious lady pearl in the shady world
Please to meet you, your dress fit as if see through
Niggas treat you like royalty and dream to freak you
Diva in your own right, keep your home right
Bad bitch with the switch, let's trip the strobe lights
Tight with the Power-U, I'll devour you
Everything about you, make me scout you
No doubt, boo, make me fiend for a taste
Your hot like a fireplace, shows in your face
Now, come out the closet, baby girl, it's safe
Just a taste, of sex, lies and videotape
Let's skate, but late on the way, sound clever
Drinkin' brown leather, she down for whatever
We he call tomorrow, that's the question asked
Call it love at first sight, til the next one pass like


Look at shorty right there, with the six-pack
Lookin' like a fruit snack with the shoe strapped to her knee caps

[Inspectah Deck]
Look at shorty right there in the blue Range
With the two bangs, high in the eye, she's a true dame

Nah, look at shorty right there, with the mini skirt
With pink finky shirt, the way her body jerk make my jimmy hurt

[Inspectah Deck]
Nah, shorty right there, the amazon
Six foot three, with the glasses on, built for a marathon

Look at shorty right there with the big hips (where?)
With the group of chicks, aiyo, lady who ya'll rollin' wit?

[Inspectah Deck]
Shorty right there, with the white dude
In the sky blue, knowin' she fly, friend is right too...
Look at shorty right there!

. . .

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
There comes a time when you'll be stripped of your stripes
Take away the accolades, and look yourself in the face, you know
No lactose, just a reality dose
We keep it true, yeah, yo

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
You wanna be large, you wanna be hard
You wanna be God, you're not quite
You wanna be thugs, you wanna be Bloods
You wanna be loved, is that right?
You wanna be friends, you wanna be him
You wanna be them, you act like
You wanna be live, you wanna be fly
You wanna be high, I gotta be me

[Inspectah Deck]
Born July 6th, 3:23
With a finger for the world up in front of me
Had the gall, had a ball, but ain't have shit
Played the hall, played some ball, average black kid
With a passion to live and see the lands
Without sacrificin' my soul or meet demands
I strive for what I live for, me and my Clan
And searched for provocative plans to feed the Fam
This is no act or mirage, never rocked a corsage
Spanned the globe on roam, nobody God
See everybody's a thug, everybody sold drugs
Everybody rocked an ice cold mug
Most killas I know, is either six feet below
Or lost in the system, doin' years in the hole
It's the changin' of the God, witness the move
But your feet not big enough to fit in my shoes, nigga


[Inspectah Deck]
Far from the inventor, like Notorious said
But I'm quick to pull my sword and it's off with your head
I never was a dick rider, you never see me try to
Be like that dude, soft, plus, he wack too
Put the money on wood, make it all good
Then make arrangements, I'm bringin' my hood
Pushin' four wheel motion with the sounds and tints
In suspense, ya'll snake eyes bounce off the tents
See, they rent cars and jewels to fool you
In the video, actin' like, that's how they really flow
But only a low percentage know
Only five every hundred make dough, they say so
Oh, you got a rollie plus a six point o
But no, you're not authentic, you're just for show
Lookin' for the next free ride to latch on
In the short amount of time, watch the world catch on that


[Inspectah Deck]
And that's who I be
Money back guarantee, if it's not quality
This here's official, if not, I wouldn't hit you
I gotta be true, I take offense to the issue
Not your typical rituals I chant
Givin' the chance, watch it rain like an Indian dance
State it like Abe, at Gettysburg, bet he's heard
Through galaxies, aliens stuck on every word
Livin' legend, veteran known to set trend
Flex powers on the mic, like the X-Men
Destined to hit the hall of fame, quick
But ya'll kick the same lame shit
Kick 'em in the groin, for playin' both sides of the coin
Now who will be the next click you join
I stand on my own two feet, truly unique
That's the difference between you and me, you wanna be

[Chorus x2]

. . .

(feat. Killa Sin, Kool G. Rap)

[Inspectah Deck]
I represent myself and my own defense
Innocent by reason of no evidence
Plus they're tryin' pick the punishment the judge insists
My fingerprints were traced back to six gun clips
Cop witness, who try and testify on my click
He on the payroll that's why I got my prior dismissed
This is framework, somehow they got ahold of my flick
The night in question, I was restin' home with my chick
Then the spot was blown, cops rushed in, shots were blown
I jetted out the lab with socks and boxers on
Undercover chased me down for three weeks
He ceased to interrogate like I might speak
But no, I won't tell ya who I work for
And no, I won't tell ya who the work's for
You can hit me with the book, brick, hammer and all
I dig a tunnel or just scale the jailhouse wall
Your honor..

[Chorus: unknown reggae artist]
True me ???
Dem a see me push weight and dem claim dem see me, dem try frame me
But me nah snitch, they try and test me me bust my clip
Me on de blunts all de time and de gyal dem a wine
True dem Rebel I and I, we bust down de sign
Try frame me but nah me nah snitch
They try test me me bust my clip

[Kool G. Rap]
They got me framed, locked and chained
Cuz some lame on the block was slain
Cops came but I ain't pop a flame
Hear me ya honor? I ain't dropped a thing
I was cuffed, they told me that somebody dropped my name
And the time they tryin' to match me with is not the same
I was knocked from 8:00 to the time the shot went rang
When I woke up, I smoked up and watched the game
Then I laid up with my bitch and got rocked with brain
Release me from this Elymer Fudd shit, the glove don't fit
Too tall for the cop description and slugs don't fit
He was hit with a nine right? I bust slugs with a fifth
You got any of my D.N.A. or blood up in this bitch?
I'm not the guy aligned to fall, this not my crime at all
You lock me up, I'm climbin' the wall
You want me scapegoat, so stay close, alliance will call
With some grimy niggas schemin' on the shines in the hall
Fuck that, you and the D.A. spit-shine our balls
You can catch up with me some other time, from mines to yours


[Killa Sin]
Come on a plea bargain for what, your honor?
Nah yo I ain't do shit, the only thing I'm coppin' is a new whip
The night it happened I was lampin' at a deuce flick with two chicks
Kim and Chris, we guzzle Cris' on some Rush Hour 2 shit
I knew the kid, yeah we had problems, yeah I robbed him
Now it's '98 though and the handgun was a revolver
You tryin' to play me on an old case but I hold no weight
Turned myself in, I skated on them keystone jakes
Right description, right Killa, wrong case, I didn't hit him
Here's the verdict, not guilty, not tryin' to see a prison
Got my life on the line, you wanna grind me through ya system
And have my family and my wiz cryin', I miss 'em
You buggin', you the same judge that framed K with the drugs
Somebody came up dead and now you wanna blame us?
This shit is too much, aiyo before you screw us
I'll grab the bailiff's gun and light this whole room up [gunshot]

. . .

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Wuuuuuuuu! Yo

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
We keep (bump & grindin') we keep
We keep (bump & grindin') yeah
In the 'Jects stay (bump & grindin')
Up top they (bump & grindin')
Downtown they (bump & grindin')
In the Hill, we (bump & grindin')
That's right (bump & grindin')
That's right, yo (bump & grindin')

[Inspectah Deck]
In the middle of the floor, they actin' hardcore
With shirts off, flirtin', of course, the Dom pour
Segal split, diggin' that hit from way back
I gained that lady with the black Baby Phat
Stacked in the back, that ass, crazy fat
She bump and grindin', makin' it clap
Baby, stop playin', why you shake it like that?
When you know how my dogs like to chase the cat
Hot lights, camera, action, packed in
Back to the front, eight cats on the blunt
The tracks gotta pump, the rats wanna thump
We strapped from the junk, got gats in the trunk
My niggas run the V.I.P., B.Y.T.
Slip pass security to be by me
And I might be slidin' that too, providin' I do
Invite your crew, and I'll invite mine too

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
We'll be (bump & grindin')
In the back they (bump & grindin')
Up top they (bump & grindin')
Right here we (bump & grindin')
At home (bump & grindin')
Out of town we (bump & grindin')
Haters, they see us (bump & grindin')
Uh huh, uh huh (bump & grindin')

[Inspectah Deck]
We at the bar like what?
Sweatin' out the Henny, no doubt, we fucked up
But not enough, to let you call my bluff
You feel what I feel, then raise your cup
You holdin' that hydro, blaze it up
I'm high with my eyes on snakes in the cut
Cuz some be playin' the wall, hatin' it all
Prayin' I take the fall, but they small
This, it can't stop like Shaq with the rock
I can stand in the lot and still smash the spot
Got the grass in my sock with the hash and block
Might blast your top, don't crash your drop
Keep movin', shakin', don't stop
What you doin', stay with it, won't stop
Til you blue in the face with it, can't stop
Til, it's a new day, dig it? Off top

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
We be (bump & grindin')
Shaolin we (bump & grindin')
All the time (bump & grindin')
Shorty, she stay (bump & grindin')
In the 'Jects (bump & grindin')
Tear up the club (bump & grindin')
Gettin' money (bump & grindin', bump & grindin')

[Inspectah Deck]
Damn girl, I love the way that fits
Hug your waist and hips, how you sway that switch
D.J., keep playin' that hit
Watch her shake that shit, I can't take that shit
Find you in the back burnin', fat sermon on the wax turnin'
Earnin' cash, puttin' work in
Certain, to pop it off son, keep it urban
Floatin' with some perfect Timbs, powdered in suburban
Catch me in the midst, Ninja with the fifth in the gripper
Mr. Big Picture, city slicker
Who makes loot, sway suits and flavor boots
Stay loose off the Henny, the Remy or Gray Goose
Make moves like a wrestler, spark your hate groove
Make truce with berettas and birds and eight coups
Toxi' off the fine bubbly, dubs shine on the buggy
Got your eyes blurry, dimes love me

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
Cuz we (bump & grindin')
New York (bump & grindin')
The Dirty Dirty (bump & grindin')
Mid West Be (bump & grindin')
West Coast (bump & grindin')
Overseas they (bump & grindin')
In the Benz they (bump & grindin')
Everybody (bump & grindin')

[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
That's right, Phantom of the Beat, ya'll
We make hits for the streets, ya'll
Rebel I., get familiar

. . .

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, back from the dead
It's the Rebel, I Soldier, I told ya
I shall return, yeah

[Inspectah Deck]
Ya'll done fucked up, lettin' me live, something's got to give
I'm positive, you're gonna all pay homage
Believe me, I ain't lyin' down that easy
And that thought applies for those who proud to see me
Through the distraction, I was wounded in action
An act of betrayal, but I knew the assassin
Now I pack a vengeance like Steven Seagal
I'm back from the trenches to even the odds and...

[Chorus x2: Inspectah Deck]
You hear the rockets red glare? The bombs burstin' in air?
Gave proof through the night, that I stood through the fight
Yeah, the Rebel's still here, what?

[Inspectah Deck]
Ya'll better rock ya'll hoodies
And hold your girl tight, before we pop that pussy
It be so real, I don't need no deal
My mass appeal make a marvel out how he so ill
Ya'll time is up, try your luck, ya'll wind up
Fucked up, before you even recognize I struck
Roll with the live dozen, got all eyes buzzin'
With strong rhymes cousin, been a long time comin'
Break your weak links, in the chain, fuck your mink, and your reign
Son is lame, plus he thinks it's a game
But, we about to apply the heat (the heat)
And snatch him up out the driver's seat
I put my life on it, post up like who want it
Blast off with the force to send ya'll in orbit
Wild like whitey's in the mosh pit, yeah we gon' start shit
Pack 'em down, then corner the market

[Chorus x2: Inspectah Deck]
To all my real M.C.'s, the ones without a deal M.C.'s
The ones who kick the real life music
Let's link, them niggas can't move no more units

[Inspectah Deck]
For life I'll be underground, their first thought
Was yo, "How did he survive with no commercial support?"
Damn right, I miss the corporate politics and tricks
Where the SoundScan is rigged and contracts are fixed
I sit in the pit where the grime exist
Legendary, they still lovin' my rhymes from 9-6
Now I'm back, that's my word as I reveal this shit
By choice or by force, ya'll gonna feel this shit, ya hear?

[Chorus x2: Inspectah Deck]
Yo, this is all out war, I'm callin' on all outlaws
Son, they new to the art, ain't true to the heart
Who's down for the cause, huh?

. . .

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
2009!! Geez
Yeah, this be that old school type shit
Yeah, that Blaxploitation shit (Afro picks, Cadillac whips)
We gon' hit you like Truck Turner, with the burner

[Inspectah Deck]
I'm the Stereotype, in the zone where chrome meet chrome
Hard heads call it home sweet home
I rep that, hat to the back, chrome blaze
Low fade, blazin' the haze in the hallways
Young black nigga, bout to come back bigger
Rap action figure, that's strapped with the spitter
I serve mankind like a super hero
Gonna move the people, with sharp darts to the ear hole
And terror spin, veteran style, ghetto child
Call his name, hear it echo for miles
Check my fouls, before you get wild, reconcile
Trust, I touch kids, but I'm no pedophile
The Superfly, I, O'Neal, holdin' the steel
With the ounce from the greenhouse bent behind the wheel
What's the deal? Dick riders on board
In this Bloodsport, I'm like Jean Claude, yes, lord

[Chorus x2: sampled singer (Inspectah Deck)]
This thing, is gonna be alright (alright) here comes the Stereotype
It takes, time to get it right (that's right) count on the Stereotype

[Inspectah Deck]
The Stereotype, this life, I'm knee deep in
The creeps keep creepin', the heat streets sweepin'
The greed keeps feedin', the seeds need teachin'
Police be seekin', all the ones free speechin'
Guns be blowin', young g's holdin'
Nerve control 'em, they say that son be zonin'
I'm half Huey, half Malcolm, part Martin
Mixed with Mark Garvey, sharp as Sharpton
A known fact, that I stay pro black
I go back like Kojak or Bobby Womack
Or maybe Jim Brown, been down from Ground Zero
Crowned reknown hero, sound pounds your earlobe
Mean daddy like a '69 green Caddy
Seen daddy soakin' that fox, she beam badly
With more drama than you find in the flicks
I'm Dolomite, without the afro picks or flyin' kicks, it's...

[Chorus x2]

[Inspectah Deck]
My chain hang loose like I wear my jeans
I got soul like Rakim and Grandma Green's
I represent The Projects, everything hood
Big wolves in the woodwork, everything good
In the bright lights, Big City, it's ten times gritty
Doin' life on the streets, whose biddin' wit me?
Regardless, I'mma hold mine down, load my pound
Target on the unknowns who roam my town
There they go on that bullshit, when it go down
You know who the culprit, sure enough
The R-E-B-E, L, yell it freely
I, call him Stereo, T-Y-P-E
Greasy, on the hunt for the big easy
Switch the game like plantin' cracks on the D.T.
Say what you say, G, hate don't mistake me
Or play me like a must paid fee, that ain't me

[Chorus x2]

. . .

[Inspectah Deck]
Four wheelers, pop the hatchet, blast that hitter
Honey times, money hurry, snap that picture
I wanna see the walls come down, if ya'll bout it
For New York, I cover the sport, like Marv Albert
One, two, when I exhale, the one-two
Lock it down, similar to Denzel in John Q.
Fire the semi, with no ice, no Bentley
I'm just low fitty, throwin' limes in the Remy
There's so many fraud, how could you call that real?
I supply fire that'll forge the steel
Can't ignore the real, yeah ya forcedthe deal (With who?)
With that nigga, that kid, you're sure to feel
Big money, big guns, big cars and all
Rock tally on the floor, at the Monster's Ball
From the 718 to the 310
Underdawgz, U.D,'s, the unsung heroes

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
They see me in the streets they be like (That's that nigga)
Rebel I.N.S., ya'll know (That's that nigga)
Girls of the world be sayin' (That's that nigga)
All across the board they goin' (That's that nigga)
Girls of the world say (That's that nigga)
All across the board they goin' (That's that nigga)
They see him in the streets they be like (That's that nigga)
Rebel I.N.S., ya'll know (That's that nigga)

[Inspectah Deck]
The Movement, follow my lead, clock my speed
Number one with a bullet, that's cocked to squeeze
He's artist of the year, who can touch me son?
Like Jimmy Casta, trust me, I've just begun
And I won't stop, hoggin' the lane, droppin' my game
My dogs be, rockin' them chains, poppin' the same
In the distance, hawkin' my style, talkin' loud
Non-believers wonder how I'm talk of the town
Hate Me Now, like Puffy and Nas, I uprise
Never thought big guns would survive, but surprise
Now what nigga? Only drugs sell quicker
Been chained in the dungeons of rap and held prisoner
You'll find me, cruisin' the Ave., tool in the stash
My tomb blast you in the smash, movin' the mass
I'm comin' like the taxman for all their business
I'm bound by my honor, so ya'll bear witness


[Inspectah Deck]
A Titan like Steve McNair, be prepared
For the Top Gun, smokin' like weed in the air
Please beware, the Underdawgz roam in the yard
Postin' hard, approachin' get you closer to God
This is real life money, not a scene from a movie
U.D.'s tighter than the jeans on a hoochie
The groupies crowd the 6 point o
If it's like that now, wait til this joint blow
Tell the world, the prophet has come, problem for some
The masses, holla for son, hot as the sun
That keep your eyes open don't you get caught sleepin'
Your boy get you bouncin' like a six four leanin'


. . .

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, yeah, yo

[Inspectah Deck]
We pray for a better today, glocks and berettas spray
Everyday, how did I survive yesterday?
I can't call it, cops shot the alcoholic
The fiend saw it, he got the gun, he want a dime for it
The hood life, chicks and thugs, crips and bloods
Dippin' on the judge, pushin' whips and drugs
Burnin' big buds, gettin' love, spinnin' them dubs
For the taste of it, the low lifes'll split your mug
It's the home of the brave, the zone of the slave
We all want it, but gettin' it's, a whole 'nother page
The young guns wantin' respect, flossin' the tech
Bitches wanna strip, now it's all for the check
Yo, everyday, lives at stake, pies to bake
Same knife that cuts your throat divides the cake
For the hustlers, thugs, who scheme to survive
And all in between, scream "Fuck a 9 to 5"

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
In the bright lights, the big city
The thieves stay crawlin' at night, with eyes shifty
In the bright lights, the big city
The fiends come sortin' the price, with nine fifty
In the bright lights, the big city
They squeeze off, lustin' for shine and die quickly
In the bright lights, the big city
The streets take a whole of your mind, it gets gritty

[Inspectah Deck]
Daydreams, bought and sold
The high price we livin' might cost your soul
Secret indictments, furrows, with roll hoes
Codefendant, I hope he don't tell what he knows
Exposed to a life of crime since I was nine
Gettin' money by design, despite the time
Hustlin' to be a man and feed my fam
My wife, my seed, my land, completes the plan
Please understand, either legal or scam
I see the thieves in the van, I can't beat the man
Still monster ballin', eatin', speakin' ebonics
Wit foreign cars, custom made clothes and chronic
Bank rolls and prophets, shine solar powered
Fine hoes that's bout it, long as you keep they nose powdered
Obey street laws, careful what you say
You can play, but you might not make it through the day


[Inspectah Deck]
It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder
How I keep from goin' under, I'm used to gettin' over
I'm deep in the middle, indeed the heat sizzle
For the littlest beef, even the seeds keep pistols
Foreigners talk funny, friends they want from me
But all I need is long money and a strong honey
I need it "fast", I'm "furious" like Vin Diesel
I'm lookin' at my plate wit food for ten people
So, do what you gotta do, do what you want to
The blocks hot like a sauna, cops try to pawn you
The fiends trick you, dude behind you wanna get you
On the grind, your best friend'll talk for a figure
Walk wit a nigga, see it, don't talk about it, be it
Don't walk around, then beat it, we all bound to feel it
This ain't the town (for real), so watch your tour (that's right)
What's goin' down (what's up), its poppin' off


[Outro: Inspectah Deck]

. . .

(feat. Mojehan)

[Hook x2: Inspectah Deck]
To anyone whoever lost one
Survival it may cost one

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, what up kid it's been a few years
So many blood, sweat and tears shed
Ya name still appears in my head
It seems like yesterday we floated to Queens
Holdin' cream, only 16, 'bout to load up the triple beam
Paper chasin', gettin' thrown in the pens over and over again
Comin' home sittin' low in ya bed
If ya stairin' down on me right now show me the path
So I know that havin' my people can close the gaps
Me, daily I spar as I tour this world bizarre
I've been hit pretty hard, suprised I made it this far
Seen your daughter yesterday, she's such a beaurtiful girl
Besides today, ain't nothin' really new in my world
So I wish you was here, we had a vision and the picture was clear
We'd both get rich off this and disappear
Your life is over but your legacy's just begun
And that is said, only the good die young
I guess it's all good

[Chorus: Mojehan (Inspectah Deck)]
Cradle to the Grave (from the Cradle to the Grave)
Don't throw your life away
Such a price to pay
I still feel the pain
I remember when
Things were so different then
But I'll remain ya friend
'Til we meet again

[Inspectah Deck]
Is Heaven any different from Hell? Is it worth the battle?
In search of Heaven I can get trapped too
Sometimes I wanna join you, take my place upstairs
But I'm not ready to leave my family in despair
I know if you was here you'd be rockin' the latest Nike Airs
All the fires gear burnin' one, totin' hardwear
Or we hit Lennox, check precise set of Lexus
Check the message on the pager; "it's two bucks the next chicks"
I had to do this, for Earnie Sayon and Aaron Lewis
And all my families that have been through this
And I know my days are numbered too because of you
Aiyo you got it locked, hold me a spot for when I come through
'Til then I gotta be strong, a time bomb
One step from doin' life, my rap sees miles long
But like simply when I keep holdin' on
But I can only hold on for so long


[Inspectah Deck]
It's a Cold World kid, you ain't really missed much
It's hard just to get up, it's hard not to give up
I struggled tryna move up, I might lose touch
Been fightin' all my life for my right to do such
To all my single mothers strugglin'
Life bitters to the thugs out hustlin', here me
To all who walked the long road and met the end of the route
I miss you all so I send this out



. . .

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