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I Am Empire
I Am Empire

Background information
Origin San Jose, California, United States
Genre(s) Rock
Years active 2008—present
Label(s) Tooth & Nail Records
Website Website
Austin Lyons
Andrew Stanton
Dan Otis
Joshua Case
Eric Martin

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I Am Empire Lyrics

"Driver" lyrics

Three long months have gone by
Since the tragedy took her life.
It’s been so long since we last talked.
Woe is me
I feel so lonely
Woe is me

Take the wheel and drive all you want
Off a cliff or in a river
I don’t mind as long as I’m with you.
Its time to live a little more

Memories of your melody
I am driftwood and you are the sea
I am lost in you now get lost in me
Woe is me
I feel so lonely
Woe is me

We are caught between hope and despair
Tell me how this was fair

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