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Hell Rell

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Hell Rell Lyrics

"Call The Cops" lyrics

Yall betta call the cops, Yall betta call the cops
What im doin is murder, Yall betta call the cops
Put me in a ferrari it betta be a drop
And they said it was a crime to be so fly
Well put me in cuffs and read me my rights
They said it was a crime to be so fly
Well put me in cuffs and read me my rights

[Verse 1:]
Ok they feelin them out there
Theres no dead bodies but they killin them out there
And, not to mention, im causin all attention
With the 07 coupe, with the roof all missin
And mami shake it, shake it move it all around
While I, cook it, bag it, move a couple pounds
Its just money, ill spend a couple thousand
Getcha lil itty bitty crew buried in the crowd
Its there for when you run with a star
Im the type to throw a party right in front of my car
Pop the trunk for the music, Pop a bottle of patron
I get em all drunk, then they all come home
They askin how he did it but they all wanna roll
Im easy passin by so I aint worried bout the tone
So holla at me homie when you see me in that blue spurn
We run a city need a office next to blue bird


[Verse 2:]
When im in the club i dont lean i dont rock
I tell a bitch its goin down like yung joc
I take her to my spot, then take her to her spot
Then i let her fix her weave and i kick her out the drop
And uh Nikes murder, hundred on the sleeves
And uh Murder of streets, im runnin with some G's
Whats on the hip? it gotta be the heater
The jeans kinda crazy, but you gotta see the sneakers
Its like magic how i get rid of the top
Now you see it now you dont, im the sickest on the block
And i get it from my pops, Ya papa was a rollin stone
Wherever he put his gun, that was his home
You see me in the zone, but no its not the twilight
Nigga this is my life, Restaurants high price
If i see it and i like it i might buy it twice
You love me now but you gonna hate me when im outta sight


[Verse 3:]
911 we got a hazard outside
So many cars it look like Jacob Javit outside
Beef by the bar, he wanna drag it outside
Homeboy dont you know that automatic outside?
I diddy bopped, i dont know to dance
In the sky all day, like i dont know how to land
I go to sleep wake up in a different country
Dont understand the language, But i understand the money
You gangsta we gonna see all about it
You gonna watch us on the news and you gonna read all about it
And im rugger rell so shorty what it is?
Put this burner on ya kid, and a stroller by his bib
You know MTV cribs? i wanna show you how i live
Couple pots on the stove, and the sodas in the fridge
And I bodied the mic and murdered the booths
And got them boys lookin for me that be wearin them suits


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