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Heather Headley

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Heather Headley Lyrics

"Four Words From A Heartbreak" lyrics

I've said
I won't cry anymore
What's the use of crying for
It doesn't change
The fact that love's a fragile thing
I was your everything
But Tuesday you had news to bring
You have to go
It's just the way somebody told me...

Your four words from a heartbreak (just four)
Four words from a mistake (just four)
Your four words from a heartbreak

He's leaving
It's over
Hey sorry
And goodbye

All we have is now
Promises they fade somehow
Don't tell me please
About the love we'll share tomorrow
Do you
Remember the plans we made
They're lying in the shallow grave
Next to all
The shattered dreams
Like someone told me


It's over
It's over
He's leaving
But the pain isn't over

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