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Haddaway Lyrics

"Breakaway" lyrics

WE gotta breakaway
Modern poeple
Want to live a modernlife
Though they trik and take
Rip and Rap
Destroy the things that are right
They came to my town
I was a boy
Just about five
Today we demonstrate, litigate
Even show our might
I wanna know just what it is
We gotta breakaway
Race, color
She was a right wing
I was a left
Together we're strong
We will crucify
Just plain denied
To practice out our rights
Those were teh bad days
Today we're rich
And we have kids
But they didn't learn
Through all the hurt
The meaning of our might
You know it's in our past
We had to sacrifice a lot
It was a give and take
For the human race
Just learning right from wrong
They put it in our minds
And now they're putting it in your
So leam to fight the hate
For the human race
Or we're lost

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