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Gretchen Wilson

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Gretchen Wilson Lyrics

"Holdin' You" lyrics

I don't need whiskey to drown out the pain
Or some old umbrella to hold off the rain
Don't have to cross over a river of tears
All that I need is right here
Holding you holds me together
When holding on gets just a little too hard
When this tight rope I travel
Begins to unravel and I feel like
I'm falling apart
Holding you holds me together

You know life's a freight liner on
A runaway track
But I'll take the ride knowing
That you'll bring me back
No fate's too uncertain no distance too far
As long as you're here in my arms
(repeat chorus)
Whenever I hold you tight
This crazy world of mine falls right in place
Whatever the trouble is
You find a way to give back what it takes

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